MJ Sienna Courtney Hobo & Selma - matching wallet?

  1. Hi there,

    This is my first post on this forum and I'm loving it already!

    Was wondering if anyone could tell me if there have been matching wallets for these bags in these colours (pics are more then welcome!;)):



    I know they are from the 2005 collection but I still would like to know if it makes any sense to search for matching wallets on eBay or other auction sites.

  2. I haven't seen wallets that match those two bags. I have the selma and I just bought the sienna in that exact color! Love them!
  3. Welcome to tPF. =)

    Many MJ bags come with matching accessories. You can call any MJ boutique and inquire.

  4. Well I went to the MJ store in Paris, but the lady there told me that she could not help me since those bags are from last years collection and the store only opened about 6 months ago.
  5. ^ I will try to find out for you. =)
  6. :yes: That would be really sweet!
  7. That's not a very helpful SA! Every SA I've spoken to at MJ boutiques in the US always offer to do a centralized search if the bag isn't available at their store...

    I personally haven't seen any matching wallets for these bags, but I wouldn't be surprised if they existed. Good luck to you! Very pretty bags!
  8. She didn't, maybe it's different for European stores?

    Thank you!
  9. Hi Ladies! This is my first post. Glad to find you all. I'm freaked that my MJ soft calf Elise may not be real.

    A little background... The bag is a Christmas gift from my dad. He owned a clothing manufacturing company for over 30 years, and can spot a fake 50 yards away! When my mom bought a fake LV, he chucked it and got her a real one, explaining, "you can't support that." Go Dad!

    I've done my homework on MJ. The quality of my bag feels wonderful, buttery soft, riri zippers, etc. It's a little slouchy, so I put some socks in it so it will stand up better for the pic.

    My dad got the bag from a business partner. Go easy on me... and thanks so much.
  10. Ooops... I think I posted my Elise question in the wrong place. My apologies! I'm new at this..
  11. ^ MissKittyCat, I am sorry to tell you that your bag is not authentic. I hope your dad will be able to get his money back.

    We are asked to post authenticating questions in Authenticate This MJ sticky. Welcome to tPF.
  12. Thank you, Bag.Lover. I will post over there. Darn!