MJ Shoes--HELP!

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  1. in general, i find that if the shoes are in European sizes, i need to buy a whole size bigger. however, i have not tried these particular ones on.

    i have the mouse flats (LOVE THEM!!) but still had to buy them a 1/2 size bigger.

    good luck with these!
  2. I am between sizes in MJ shoes,CANT WEAR THEM! SNIFF!
  3. I agree with the comment that MJ shoes run about a half size smaller.
    I have both the Mouse flats and the silver Chanel style ballet shoes and I had to go up half a size. The sandals might be a different case and a little more lenient since they are open toe. I would just make sure about the return policy before buying...
  4. Likewise, I always go half size bigger when I buy MJ or M by MJ shoes.
  5. yes, my size is a 37,37 1/2(europen size) and my mj shoes are all 38...they run big!can't tell about the sandals...they're cute!:lol:
  6. I have to go a size up with M by MJ shoes. Im usually a us 7 or 7.5. Today I purchased 2 m by mj shoes. both are 38's!
  7. marc by marc shoes are weird to me. i've got one that is true-to-size and 2 that are a 1/2 size too small...