MJ sent me the Mouse Baby Stam...

  1. ...by mistake! I thought my SA was clear on the bag I wanted, the "Little" or new East/West Stam, but he sent me the baby. At least I got to see the Mouse color and I have to say that I'm disappointed! I would describe it as a muddy taupe. It is similar to the original Taupe but not as pretty IMO. It probably has a touch of grey to it but I look at it and see mud. :huh: It's not that it's not pretty, just not as nice as I expected.

    Sorry, not the greatest pic but I'm at work and had to hurry. :P It's darker than it looks here.

    edit: After looking at the pics after posting them, I see purple in the pictures that I don't see IRL. It's definitely more brown than it looks here.
    mouse 1.jpg mouse 2.jpg
  2. I think it's cute! But if you want the East/West stam, definitely hold out for that. They're even more expensive than the standard stam, though... but I'm waiting to compare before I commit!
  3. I know, it's crazy that they're more $$$ than the regular. My guy sent it to me without charging to see if I liked it. I was soooooo excited to see it and then was so disappointed that he sent the wrong one! I'm dying to see the new one. I already have a Baby so not interested in this one. =|
  4. That bag is adorable!
  5. I'm sorry to hear about the mix-up, Daisy. Ripping into a package with fury and excitement only to discover that the contents of the package are NOT what you were looking for is no fun at all. I hope MJ is able to get the right bag out to you soon.

    I do not like the Mouse color on the Baby Stam. At. All. It's completely blah. I think the Baby Stam only works in fun, eye-popping colors. The quilting and the chain strap remind me of Chanel, and if I want a small shoulder bag with a chain strap, I'm going to get the real deal. I don't have the Chanel problem on the large size Stam, but on the Baby, the bag doesn't work for me in safe or traditional colors.

    I have seen the East/West Stam (in cashew) and it is very cute. I like the longer length, and I think the bag is going to increse in height when contents are added to it. The bottom of the bag appears as if it would settle out nicely. I hope you get to see it soon.
  6. After seeing MissB's Mouse, I'm now struggling between trying the Little (E/W) Stam in Mouse or going for Cashew. I really wanted to get a dark(er) color. Do you think there would be a color variation between bags? I doubt it but that sure is what it seems like to me at this point.

    Angst, did the two zippers on the E/W Stam turn you off at all? That's the only drawback for me. Well, that and the higher price!!
  7. Daisy, I would bet that the Mouse baby-Stam is incomparable to your Purple baby-Stam (Purple is a TDF color!)!

    Agree with Angst. I do not like the Mouse color on the Baby Stam.
  8. Yep, the Violet is sooooooooo much cuter. To be honest, I'm not even really a fan of the Baby, I'm just keeping my bag because I love the color so much and it's hard to find (I mean the Violet, obviously). =)
  9. Violet is so pretty. The mouse, as others have said already, just seems really boring. It really discounts the cuteness of the baby stam. I'm sorry to hear about their mix-up, it's disappointing :sad:
  10. daisy, sorry to hear about your disappointment. thanks for sharing the pics of the mouse. on the mj website it looked more grey. is the leather nappa or calfskin? have you seen the hobo irl. if you don't like the zips on the e/w... maybe try out the hobo... but it doesn't have the signature kiss lock. cashew seems like a nice color too.
  11. Daisy, surprisingly, the two zippers on the E/W Stam did not bother me. I was expecting to dislike them, but they work with the longer width of the bag. To be honest though, if I were going to purchase this bag, I would probably carry it with the zippers against my body as I'm not a big fan of zippers in general. If the E/W came in a color that I liked I would consider purchasing it. But, luckily for me, I'm not crazy about any of the Fall colors I have seen thus far.

    While I was out and about today I stopped in the Marc Jacobs boutique and I got to see the Mouse in person. I saw a Baby Stam and a Stam Hobo. I saw the picture of missbradshaw's full sized Stam in her thread, and I have to say that Daisy, the color of your Baby Stam is MUCH closer to the color of the Mouse bags that I saw than missbradshaw's is. In fact, I think the Mouse bags that I saw look almost exactly like your second picture, with, like you said, a little more brown in it. It was very disappointing, and again (to echo you), very muddy looking.
  12. Daisy & all, I saw Small-Stam, E/W stam, and Stam all together earlier today. =) I personally don't think E/W Stam looks as nice as Stam. E/W's not as tall as Stam so it looks pretty long (imagine Amanda Satchel), it's a bit busy with the 2 extra zippers. It's just me though, I'm sorry if any of us here love it.

    If I see a baby-stam in violet, I don't think i can resist it. =)
  13. Well, my wallet kind of likes what I'm hearing.. the Mouse is a dud and the E/W isn't as fabulous as the regular Stam. I like the idea of a smaller bag but maybe I just need to stick with my beloved regular and be done with it. I keep looking at my pics (I left the bag at my office!)thinking that maybe the color is off but then I recall my first impression when I took it out of the box, and it's exactly as I remembered. MUD!

    Maybe I'll save my $$$ for this new Stam-like bag I keep seeing.. purple with a tortoise shell chain? I'll try to round up that pic...