MJ Selma...thoughts?


Jan 6, 2006
I was considering getting this in the large size. What do you all think? I love the color.


Would it be too big for someone 5' tall? I have a pic of Selma Blair with it and she's about 5'4". This is the large:



This is the small:

Fleur, I love the MJ Selma, and the pale pink is a lovely color: fits the color palette for S/S 06. It shouldn't be too big, but I'm biased since I love big bags.
I think it depends on whether you not you plan on carrying a lot. I'm short too, but I really like big bags since I schlepp a lot to work. If you aren't going to carry a lot, then the smaller one. Have you tried the bags in person? Sometimes, that makes a difference. For example, I really wanted to Banana Republic Tangiers Triangle tote in the larger size, but when I got to the store and tried it on, it looked like I was being swallowed alive.