1. Hello everyone,

    I am really interested in getting an MJ Selma bag! I love the shape & size, but I have a few questions & requests.....

    -What season(s) was it from?
    -What colors did it come in?
    -what are your experiences with it?
    -Can you post a pic of yours? I would love to see someone wearing it!

    Thank you for your help & guidance :flowers:
  2. I have seen the Selma in Pecan, Black, Passionfruit (Pink) and Mint Green. I do not know if that is a comprehensive list though.

    I like my Selma alot b/c of how soft the leather is and the look of the bag. It fits nicely over the shoulder. Everytime I have worn it out, I have received compliments. The hardware is nice.

    But it is hard to get in and out of b/c of the flap closure with lock and drawstring on the inside. I have the smaller Selma so it does not fit a great deal either. I have it in Pecan and really considered a black one, but finally decided against it b/c of how difficult it to get things out of the bag.

    I will attach a pic of me wearing it when I get home. Hope this helps!
  3. hi, pursepassion. i once had the small selma in pale mint; it's from the s/s 2005 collection i believe. the leather was really soft, but i had to return mine soon after i got it, because the front clasp broke after just a few uses (and i don't rough-handle my bags at all!) i've actually seen selmas with the broken front clasps sold on ebay, so it can be a problem. but it's a great-looking bag, especially the large version.
  4. i've seen it in taupe as well.:yes:
  5. There is a Taupe one on ebay right now...there are actually two, but only one is priced decently. I have seen several bags in the Selma group with that broken front clasp, so that has kept me away from it. I have heard wonderful things about the leather, though.
  6. Here is a pic of me wearing the small selma.
  7. WOW!!! Thanks everyone for the advice so far!!!

    I really love the look of this bag! I regret passing on one on Ebay about a month ago. It was a cool turquoise color & had this neat patent leather trim.

    How much larger is the bigger Selma?
  8. Hmm...Selma. I was crazy about this bag when it just came out but never got around to actually get it. I was thinking about it recently to get one but it's kinda rare now on ebay. I was looking the one in mint color, plus I just bought a small mp :P. I will have to hold off buying a selma for now. I don't know for how long :sad: but good luck on your search!
  9. I think the large Selma is about 3 inches longer and 2 inches taller. Leshent had a large Taupe available about 4 months ago that I missed...still a little disappointed about that one. The large Selmas don't pop up nearly as often as the smalls do (on Ebay).
  10. PurePassion I was going to PM you/email you but you don't allow that feature. There is a sale on the Selma at MJ call (I called today and they are doing presale):

    One day sale friday dec 15th
    Marc jacocs boutique mercer st phone no. 212-343-1490
    Small selma, large selma, tote
    in lavendar, taupe , teal. $195.00 each.
    I just ordered 2 over the phone.
    Talked to Chris.
  11. u beat me to it.
  12. can someone provide pix of the tote.....i wanna see it..i'm not digging the selma big or small..thnx :smile:
  13. PursePassion was banned; that's why you can't PM her.
  14. Oh, I see. thanks.
  15. It's from Fall/Winter 2005.
    It came in Black, Deep Avalea, Lavendar, Pale Green, Passion Fruit, Pecan, Petunia, Teal, and Taupe.

    LARGE SELMA: 14L x 5.5D x 7.25H"
    SMALL SELMA: 11.25L x 4.25D x 7.5H"
    TOTE: 18.25L x 7D x 9.5H"