MJ Scarlet blue bag -- where to find this??

  1. Hi ladies! I have been looking for this bag everywhere and don't know where else to look! I know it's from past season (don't even know what season it is from!), but might anyone know a place for me to get it? I was able to finally find one on jemznjewels.com but I'm sending it back because it's in extremely poor condition (TONS of penmarks, scrubbings, stains, etc). So I'm back on the search :sad: So if anyone's selling theirs that's still in good condition, please PM me! Thanks so much!
    Marc Jacobs Scarlet Bag Electric Blue 2.jpg
  2. ughh jemznjewels
    i recently bought a stam from them that was "brand new"... it was used and the half of one of the kisslocks was scraped off, the hardware was tarnished and dirty, and frame not completely closed..
    she offered a $100 discount from $820 and i stupidly took it..
    a PF member is selling her hardly used stam (THE SAME ONE) for $850..


    i would try ebay for that bag since its from a while ago
  3. Oh my gosh monotreme!! AVOID this seller. I was going to post next week how HORRIBLE my transaction was with them. The bag is still going back so I wanted to wait to post it to make sure there's no problem, but since you brought it up... This bag had *at least* 30 pen marks, TONS of white rubbings everywhere, the leather color has changed ridciulous colors, it smelled funky, had stains, etc. And in her description it says "fantastic" and "gently used"! She wanted $700, offered me $600 and I told her she'd be lucky if she could get $250 for it! For that much money, I'd rather buy a new bag! Avoid this place.
  4. too late.. her return policy SUCKS. i had like ONE DAY to choose and i said yes.... :cry:
    omygosh, your bag was in such horrible condition!!! is she blind or something??? she told me that she didn't notice ANY damage to my stam.. and it was SO BLATENT AND OBVIOUS DAMAGE
    "gently used"? perhaps by the washing machine!

    ughhh they are a really bad business

  5. :evil: What a BUMMER, you guys! Hopefully, you can recoup some of your losses so you can use the $ towards a bag in better shape...I'll keep my eyes peeled.:weird:

    This info on your crappy seller might rescue another PF member from the same fate in the "Seller Watch" thread...:idea:
  6. Yes, I was going to post soon on Seller Watch. I spoke with her on the phone so even though the website says you have 24 hours to decide on the bag, she told me that as long as she was told ahead of time, I could have a little more than 24 hrs. But since it was in such poor condition, I sent it back right away!

  7. :biggrin: Glad you sent it back...especially since it smells! Sometimes it's hard to return something you really REALLY wanted, even if it is in crummy condition. If you keep searching diligently, you should eventually stumble upon a nice one at a fair price.
  8. I really hope so. I saw a few on ebay that has the pom-poms and though they're a different style, they're only asking for $325 BIN new, so I'm hoping the blue one will pop up there sooner than later for a great fair price such as this one... :smile:
  9. Anyone on PF has this bag?
  10. Still looking for this. If anyone sees it on ebay or finds upon it in some outlet online store or something - keep me posted :smile:
  11. As an FYI, many of the pom pom ones on Ebay are counterfeit. If you look at the leather, it is supposed to be lambskin with washed vertical wide lines in the leather. There has been an Isabella which is authentic. It is kind of a barrel shaped satchel. Then there is also a large shopping tote. This is the one most commonly counterfeited. There are also 2 sizes of a satchel with a front pocket.

    This Collection came in Electric Blue, Sunset Pink, a Red and Hazelnut. The first 2 all came with fuschia pink suede lining. One style also came in a combination of green and blue and visa versa. The Hazelnut came with a brown suede lining. I know this group very well, as it was unique and limited. :heart: I have a Sunset Pink Scarlett, so if you have any questions about authenticity, feel free to pm me.

    Good luck in your search. I'll look as well. :cool:
  12. I'm looking for the blue scarlet as well. can't find it? Let me know if anybody finds anyplace that sells them