mj scarlet bag help?

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  1. ok, so after waiting for ages and then finally getting a dream MJ bag last year (bordeaux leather & suede hobo like Liv Tyler's), i know that dreams can come true, and my most wanted is a blue "Scarlet" hobo.

    I know that ebay is pretty much my only bet now, (unless some lovely PF girl has one to sell) and i'm prepared to wait, but i just wondered if anyone already has one and could give me a review re. size, weight and practicality and/or post a pic of it on your shoulder?

    PM me if you don't want to post here xxxxx
  2. I'm looking for the same bag. eluxury has a pink one! Let me know if you find one anyplace and I'll do the same for you
  3. That's a beauty. I'm trying to buy for fall now, so I don't know if I would want it in that color. A great looking bag though.
  4. That color is awesome! I'd wear it any time of year.
  5. bump!

    does anyone have this bag? can anyone let me know what the size and weight is? is it comfy to use? i noticed that iluvmybags had the red one and she mentioned that it's a bit fiddly with the two zippers. does anyone else find that? is it annoying?

    TIA! :smile:

  6. I no longer own this bag, but I found it very comfortable to carry -- the strap is thick and rounded and it has a small "pad" where it sits on your shoulder, so it's an easy bag to carry -- I didn't find it as heavy as some of the "classics" because it doesn't have a lot of hardware on it (altho it is lined with suede) -- my biggest problem with the bag was the double zipper -- it starts in the center and opens outward on each side -- you could open just one side to get inside, but it wasn't exactly easy access -- I usually left mine unzipped -- I still loved that bag though -- so soft & slouchy!

    here's some pics if you wanted to have a look: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v484/vogue66/scarlet/

    there's been an Electric Blue one on ebay forever -- the seller's price is kinda high. Maybe she'd be willing to work with you on a better price