MJ Satchel (new)

  1. Has anyone seen the new MJ satchel (only called satchel) for the fall?


    That's the python version...from Bergdorfs.

    I was in Nordies today and saw them in all leather - dark green and orangey tan color. Both were TDF! I think they retailed at $1350...may have to take the plunge :love: !
  2. HMMM, nope I haven't, but I think I would like to see it in person. I may need to drag myself to Tysons this week. Ug.
  3. SuLi, I saw Satchel today (it really caught my attention), it's very cute; I think the orangey color is called Cinnamon. I'm nervous about the stitching used for the gathering though, isn't it too fragile for that? Maybe, something else is used underneath to hold the purse together? Am I making any sense?

    I checked out the lining too, it's cream canvas. If I remember correctly, you prefer that over suede right? This satchel is heavier than I thought.

    Capra Satchel
    17 x 9 x 3"
    Colors: Smoke, Cinnamon, Basil
    Pictures from LVR
    0022.jpg 0023.jpg 0024.jpg 0025.jpg
  4. i dont think its the best design for the fall.. i've prettier bags in MJ fashion show for fall
  5. I have the same reservations about the stitching...will have to take a look at it again. I almost wonder if the stitching really serves a purpose - that maybe it's been reinforced from the inside?

    And, I'm surprised you remember that I prefer a canvas lining...:smile:
  6. I really like this bag, but thought that if something caught onto the stitching, it would be over. Not gonna take that risk with such an expensive bag.