MJ Sap Green Venetia

  1. Ladies, I'm likely going to WTS my MJ Venetia handbag tonight when i get home from work. You can find a picture of the bag in the Bag Showcase section under my username. I will post more pictures of it tonight will all of the details. It's in great condition. I bought it on ebay last fall and have used it sparingly. The color is gorgeous and I really like the bag, but I am using my balenciagas now and think its time to let the MJ go. So check the marketplace later tonight or send me a private message if you're interested. Cheers!
  2. Does your bag have silver or gold hardware?
  3. It has silver hardware.
  4. and navy blue suede interior
  5. Why are you selling? It sounds gorgeous.
  6. have you listed it yet?
  7. Well I haven't listed it yet on WTS, but I don't carry it anymore. I have fallen hard for balenciaga bags and the Venetia is just sitting in my closet...so I thought I would sell it to someone who'll love it and carry it.
  8. How much are you looking to sell it for?
  9. Im interested as well. How muchos dolleros?
  10. I'm looking for $500 OBO. I am about to post pictures and list it under WTS. Check it out there.