MJ sale bags i saw Saks

  1. Saw the Pink Karolina there for $540+ with extra 30% off

    Someone bought this Luca tote in black, not sure if they have more

    Julia tote with extra 30% off

    Leather flap bag

    Perforated Leather tote

    Leather satchel

    Saw someone with a black quilted version of the Daria bag

    Diane bag

    All are on sale with extra 30% off. Some items may be final sale. Call to ask :smile: HTH's!
  2. ha ha. I was about to post too. I was @ Saks in NYC about 2pm. Very, very crowded.
  3. I KNOW! i work at rockefeller (nbc/GE building) so it's just right across the street from me, and VERY dangerous ;) Feel free to update with any bags you saw. i can't remember all. Did you see my red bowler?
  4. Oh figures... I want that perforated flap so badly! $500 would be a fabulous deal for that. Is there a way you can order them over the phone? Is there anything but white?
  5. Zoinksta: Thanks for the info. Yup, pictures definitely help members who aren't familiar with MJ styles.

    LOL!!! Though it's dangerous working there, you definitely can get better deals than most of us here. =) PLUS!!! -)

  6. Twinklette, sure you can order items over the phone. SA needs your payment info & address. If I remember correctly, Perforated Flap comes in White, Whiskey, Purple, and Yellow. Saw Whiskey & White at Nordstrom & NM as well, but believe their prices aren't as low as Saks.
  7. It looks like only white at the SF Saks.
  8. Stopped by Saks again and these are what's left:
    Ursula 'Lee' patent leather pouchette in white

    Leather flap bag in white and whiskey

    Perforated Leather tote ($809) in white...there's quite a few

    Tons of the Quilted Patent Leather Hobo in green

    Carmen in tan (1 left)
    Chevron frame bag in white (i think it's smaller than this)
    Again, i didn't check their individual prices but there's still the 30% on top of the sale price.
  9. ^how big is the carmen bag? Which Saks did you go to? Thanks.
  10. Do you remember how much the quilted patent leather hobo was? TIA!!:yes:
  11. Bummer I called today for the purple perforated flap bag and they were out. Great sale though.
  12. The Boston MJ store still had a white perforated tote left when I called last friday. They also had the large denim tote in nude and most of the fabric bags left for 70%.