MJ sale at Nordstrom

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  1. A Nordstrom SA said that all styles from Soft Caft Leather Line in Putty (greyish), Butter (yellow), and Linen (off-white) are discounted -- 40% off. This line includes Blake, Elise, Leather Tote, Zipped Clutch, etc. If interested, call & ask your local Nordstrom SA to search for your style/color of choice.

    Black/Nutmeg Blake are still regular price.
    Linen is completely sold out.
    Nordstrom online store doesn't have any Blake left.
  2. maaa?
    the SA at my Nordstroms said that the denim bags, the gold and black bags (ex: the Julia), the metallic fabric bags, and the ones with the stamped Marc Jacobs on the front are 40% off

    and some patent quilted bags are 30% off

    sale starts monday. but you can do presale too
  3. dang, so many sales.. what r they doing to me..... oh my gosh, i am gonna be in so much trouble..
  4. When I was there yesterday they also had just gotten in the new Stams in the oblong shape with the front pockets in 4 different colors.
  5. Does anyone know if Nordstrom ever carried the MJ satin line? TIA
  6. I don't remember seeing Satin line at my local Nordstrom in the past. They are part of the sale, saw Bauletto in various sizes on the sale table at South Coast Plaza today.
  7. I stopped by Nordstrom today. A lot of bags are on the sale tables already, SAs said more stuffs will be put out this Wednesday June 7 (1st day of Half Yearly Sale). Stores will be opened at 7 AM!!!

    today at Nordstrom SCP (lots!!!) & Irvine Spectrum

    (I believe the sale is 30-40%)
    Denim: Venetia, Multipocket, Tote, Hobo Banana (Spectrum), Ana,
    Perforated: Bridgitte in Whiskey
    Satin: Bauletto
    Military: Tote

    Other Brands (lots!!!):
    D&G, Lavin, Mulberry, Chloe (Glady, Betty, Silver & Metallic Paddy), Burberry, Cole Hann, Monsac, Juicy, Coach, DKNY, ....
  8. Yup, I saw E/W Stam & Stam in Mouse, Black, Cashew, Bronze, Camel (can't remember the exact combo) at SCP today. Haven't seen Chestnut yet.
  9. =) It's nice when a style you have always wanted goes on sale. Otherwise, we tend to get sidetracked and buy something we aren't too crazy about in the 1st place.
  10. Ooooooh I'm going to the SCP nordstrom now too haha... wow thanks for the heads up bag.lover!

    I just got the denim Blake at Neimans at Fashion Island, they're having a pre-sale too, but most of the MJ bags are gone ): I'm gonna go to the Nordstrom one now too!! Yayyy for SCP!
  11. Forgot to mention Bloomingdale's in-store sale (30% off).

    What's discounted/left at Bloomies Fashion Island (Newport Beach, CA)

    Ursula line (Patent/Quilted Leather): Lobster (red) & Moss (green) items including Bowler, Zipped Clutch, etc.
    - Black, Chalk (white), Midnight (blue) are not discounted

    Soft Calf Leather line
    - Blake in Orange (silver hardware)
    - Denim color (blue) items including Blake, Venetia, Coin-holder, etc
    note: Denim Blake has silver hardware.
    - ....
  12. Thanks for the info bag.lover.

    I've been eyeing a the denim color blake for a few months now...maybe I'll get one now. I'll have to check bloomingdales...
  13. JuicyChiq230: Congrats on denim Blake! =)
    Harmoni: Any luck on denim Blake?

    You can also check out Nordstrom/Saks/etc at other malls. They tend to not sell out as fast as popular malls like SCP & FI.

    Putty Elise & Zipped Clutch are available at Brea's Nordstrom (714.529.0123 ext 1250)! SD Nordstrom SA said all items in Putty/Butter are discounted at 40% off. Brea Nordies SA doesn't know if they will be marked down, you can ask a SA to hold the items for you & ring them up on Wednesday to find out if they are indeed on sale.
  14. bag.lover -- WOW you know every mall's sales lol... I work at SCP so I don't really go shop anywhere else since I'm there 5 days a week hahahaaaaaaa sad but yes, and I only go to FI for Bloomie's and NM... I can't wait till Bloomie's opens at SCP next year WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    Now all they need to do... is re-model Saks cus I don't like their interior... looks very old and boring, wouldn't you agree?

    Harm0ni -- I've been eyeing the Denim Blake for a few months too... I didn't even know it was gonna go on sale... when I saw it on the "PRE-SALE TABLE" I was like "OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!" and I bought it right there and then haha (:
  15. Thanks so much for posting this bag.lover!!! I called and I got the last putty elise!!! I called all over yesterday looking for this bag, but no one had it. Oh, and I will also get double points! I am so glad that I read your post.