MJ Saddle Color- what do you wear it with??

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  1. I'm considering getting my first MbMJ bag and I want a change from my all black and one brown handbag wardrobe. I'd like somthing light and I like the saddle color but I'm wondering....what can I match this to? what can't I?
    Thanks to all you experts in advance;)
  2. this is the color, right?


    if so, saddle would go well with so many colors: black, blue, grey, green, white, cream, and dark brown. the only colors i wouldn't wear it with would be red and orange.
  3. Yeah that's it. I guess the question is would it be a good "light" color for summer or is a cream color really more "summery". I like bags to be able to do everything- be dressy and put together but still look cute and fashiony.

    This is my foray into MJ and while I love the bags I really wish they came in more color options.

    Would you buy saddle as your only "light" color bag (and I do have 2 small kids so really light probably isn't too smart) or will saddle serve the same purpose as the cocoa HH triple strap I already have?
    Thanks again!
  4. I think most browns are pretty neutral colors that can be worn with anything -- I am one of those who never worries about matching my bag to what I'm wearing. I wear whatever bag I'm in the mood for and let my bag stand on its own. If you like the Saddle color, I'd say get it and carry it whenever you're in the mood for that color. It's certainly a great year round color choice.
  5. saddle imo is light enough for a summer bag yet also versatile enough for a winter bag. i'd opt for saddle over cream just because cream would get dirtier faster and i'd get more of my moneys use out of saddle since I could wear it all year round instead of just during 4 or 5 months during the spring and the summer. I only spend under $300 on my cream bags, partially because i'm clumsy so its not worth it to me to spend that much on a bag that light for only one season
  6. the saddle colour is gorgeous, and like someone else said it can definitely be used as a summer or winter bag. if you're looking at the hillier hobo specifically, I saw the white one at the Holts here and it doesn't do the bag justice. the saddle/black are way nicer because you can actually see the pleating!