MJ Ryder or Julianne still available?

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  1. Are the Ryder or the Julianne bags still available (and on sale) at any of the major department stores--Bloomie's, NM, Saks? I think they are gorgeous bags, but I have not seen them around lately...and I really want one!
  2. I've seen a couple on eBay for a good price - the blacks seem to go for more than the slate and the ivory colors ---- I think the Ivory is really nice.
    I haven't seen anymore in the stores. But I would call around either way.
  3. I've seen both styles at Neiman Marcus Last Call stores in the last month or so. You might want to check them out if you have one near you.
  4. I think these have all mostly sold out of dept stores, so outlets are your best bet, or eBay. They're relatively easy to find at those locations. Good luck!
  5. Thanks everybody!!
  6. ...and wish me luck!! If any of you happen to see it anywhere, do let me know!
  7. ^^ Also, if you don't happen to see them anytime soon, there might be some on ebay around May after the next MJ employees sale. I know they were available at the last one. Good luck! I know you'll find one sooner or later! :tup:

  8. Hey CSF! Just b/c I'm curious - how were you able to find out what they had at this employee sale? I would love to know more about this employee sale.