MJ Rihanna bag-named after the singer?

  1. Marc Jacobs likes to name his bags after his friends or aquaintances. Selma, Sophia, Stella, etc....
  2. I like.:tup: A bit trendy for me, but I like it.
  3. eh im not too thrilled with it. i wish marc would name a bag after me. i can see it now...."the jackie"! :lol:
  4. I've been waiting for that too, since that's also me! And guess what? He finally named a bag after us!!!

    MARC JACOBS 'Palais Royal Jackie' Bag
    (and at $950 - it's a possibility, with the right d/c!!)


  5. ^^I LOVE that bag. I think it's gorgeous!!

    I also kinda like the Rihanna bag. It's different but cool. Thanks for posting that link. I hadn't seen it before. :yes:
  6. 4got to mention......not really luvin the Rihanna - doesn't even look like an MJ bag, plus I don't like that metallic leather. And what's "Fine textile lining"? $2000+ and it's not even lined with suede?????
  7. I like the Rihanna bag (although I would prefer it in another leather, not metallic), I wouldn't be surprised if he named it after her.
  8. this was the bag i was trying to describe a couple of weeks back. there is a smaller version in black. i thought it looked nicer than this one. it costs $1695, which is still pretty expensive. i'm not sure if i like it enough to get it yet. it's more expensive than most mj bags, but i like how different it looks. for some reason though, i keep thinking that it's a style a minimalist designer like calvin klein or jil sander would come out with.

    i remember a mj bag named kim. i wasn't a fan of it though. it would've been cool to carry a bag that i could imagine was named after me. :p
  9. I want a bag named after me (or someone with my name)! "Jessica"
  10. I don't like it (not because I don't like Rhianna, and I don't, but because I don't like the bag).
  11. Hmm.... not loving the style, but it really reminds me of the Military line he did in Spring 06. It has the same sort of metallic leather and hardware details.
  12. I like it...the only thing i'm not too crazy about is the front pocket.... oh and the chain?? its kinda weird but i do like the matallic. My sister has the Military Hobo and i wish i would have gotten it...Ya'll the leather is sooo smooth after you wear it a few times...

  13. I noticed that too..I guess it's a soft canvas lining. I am such a sucker for anything lined with suede. Don't care if it's heavy. :heart:

    And I agree with tadpolenyc. It does look like a Jil Sander bag...