mj return and exchange policy

  1. as some of you may know, i recently purchased the mix quilted east/west tote in grey. although it's a beautiful bag and i really like it, i recently found out that there is a smaller version of the same bag that was not available at the mj boutique. i'm not sure why that was since i assumed everything that department stores have in stock, the mj boutiques are bound to carry on top of the exclusive items that you can only buy at a mj store.

    ever since i saw the smaller version of my bag, i've gotten to thinking that perhaps it would be a better option for me. i know i haven't posted pictures yet, but the bag i currently have is very big. it obscures my entire torso. i do love big bags. i used to own a ysl oversized muse until i sold it a month ago to fund new purchases. i've weighed the pros and cons of both sizes, and i'm still torn. :s

    the main problem is that even if the mj sa could track down the smaller sized tote for me, it's too late according to the store's return policy. i only had seven days from the date of purchase to exchange the bag or return it for store credit. however, i only came upon the other size a week after i had made my purchase. i don't know what to do and i don't want to be unhappy with a bag that i paid a lot for. i was hoping you ladies could give me some advice or suggestions. have any of you tried to exchange a bag over the seven day policy limit? should i just be happy with the bag i have considering i have many other mj bags in a smaller size (blake, venetia, etc.) and no longer have a larger sized bag? any help would be great appreciated! tia.
  2. for reference, here is a picture of the smaller sized bag from net-a-porter.com. my bag is almost twice the size. oddly, both are the same price.

  3. Wow, I had no idea the were such a big difference in size between the two bags. If your SA/manager is nice, she'll let you do the exchange. I suggest going in and explaining your dilemma, and see if she'll work with you on it. I've purchased something before from the MJ store and my SA said if I changed my mind I could bring it back after my trip(which was over a week) for an exchange.
  4. i agree w/thithi. i'd go in and see if they'd be willing to bend the rules. they may be sympathetic to your situation.
  5. If you are dealing with Gabby, I am almost positive she will exchange it for you! She did for me! Let us know?
  6. if the sa's at the boutique want to keep you as a future customer, i'm sure they will let you do a return/exchange. maybe we can go there on sunday? :smile: