MJ Resort 2007 Mary Handbag

  1. Hi all,

    I was shopping in Saks today, and came across this gorgeous handbag that I have never seen before. I searched around and found in on marcjacobs.com under his Resort 2007 collection. The style name is 'Mary', and can't seem to find it anywhere for purchase online. Anyone seen it online?
  2. Is this it? It looks like it just comes in black or this sherbet color - What color did you see?

  3. ^^^That style is cute. I wonder if it would be a drag to undo the little pushlocks all the time, though...
  4. it kind of reminds me of the chanel flap bag?
  5. maybe they are the faux magnetics pushlocks.
  6. that's it! i saw it in black when i was at Saks, but i can't find it anywhere online to order. has anyone seen it online?
  7. I haven't seen them online yet - that's a screen shot from the MJ website. Why don't you just call the Saks where you saw it & ask them to do a charge send? (or are you trying to find it w/a d/c?)
  8. OMG!! I love that bag!!! Its so nice...!!! I haven't seen it though but let me know where u find one...I am a fellow LVMH employee...hehehehe..i'll investigate...:graucho:
  9. I was trying to find it online so that I could possibly get a discount. This looking to be kind of unlikely though, since it's quite hard to find.
  10. Not all the resort items are out yet, some dept stores may still be updating their sites. It's a bit too early for a discount on resort as well, you may want to wait for a F&F after the sale season or wait until next summer's clearance if you want resort items at a discount.
  11. looks so purty in black!

  12. ^ OMG I hope so...that would be a NIGHTMARE getting in and out of it!! Plus the pushlocks would get trashed!!
  13. If you look closely at this picture is appears they are functioning pushlocks. :sad: That would be such a pain!!

    Mary black 2.jpg
  14. I saw "Mary" in saffire blue at Marc Jacobs store at the Forum shops in Las Vegas!!! Oooooooooh man it was sooo beautiful!! it took so much willpower to leave without it. They had it in the orange (i guess sherbert) color too, but in bright blue it was so cute and eyecatching.

    They weren't pushlocks, but faux magnetic closure instead. With this chainstyle too, you could wear it at two different length, long or shorter over your shoulder.