MJ Repairs

  1. Has anyone ever sent their bag to MJ to get a repair? My Venetia needs a new zipper pull & I contacted their CS & I will be sending the bag tomorrow.

    But I was just wondering how long it took for you to get your bag back. Customer service told me "a few weeks" hmm...6??
  2. I am interested in this piece of information as well...hope someone responds.
  3. It depends on the person handling your bag.
    I ordered the very last Linen Blake from Shoptwigs a few months ago, both the zipper pulls were scratched so I called & talked to the owner of Shoptwigs. According to her, MJ initially estimated 1-2 month (can't remember if it's 1 or 2) but she was able to get them to do it immediately. She guaranteed that I would get it back within 1 week (from the time my bag is picked up from me to the time it gets back to me, both via Overnight methods).

    I figured my the zipper pulls won't be shiny & scratch-free forever so I didn't go through with the repair process, I asked for 10% off instead. My request was granted. =)
  4. thanks for the info!