MJ repairs by Moda Express in NJ

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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know my experience with Moda Express (an MJ authorized repair facility) in NJ!

    My gorgeous large black MP was a perfect, gorgeous specimen, but one of the little silver rivets was missing from the shoulder strap. I took it to my cobbler, who does national repairs (like mail-in orders) and is a leather expert, but he couldn't EXACTLY match the rivet, and suggested that I just contact the manufacturer.

    I emailed MJ (repairs@marcjacobs.com), and received a response in less than 24 hours. The response came from Diego Artehortua at Moda Express in Saucacus, NJ. He asked me to please send the bag to him, and he would confirm receipt and let me know upon receiving the bag how long the repair would take. There was NO cost to me except for the cost of shipping it to the facility (it cost me about $20 for Priority USPS with $1K insurance and delivery confirmation).

    Poor Diego...to say I was a bit anxious is an understatement. :ninja: But he emailed me the day he received it, and said the repair would be very quick, and he would send me an email with the tracking number of the package as soon as he was finished with the repair and sent it back to me. I got an email this morning letting me know that the repair was complete, and the bag was being sent to me via FedEx, and he included the tracking number.

    I sent the bag to him on Monday, 4/16. I just received it back today, 4/23!!

    The bag is perfect. And it's MY bag...no switcheroos. Deigo is a G-D. :dothewave:

    I just wanted to share my experience so that others with MJ issues know who to turn to. DEFINITELY email Marc Jacobs, and once you get connected to Moda Express (I believe this is their default repair facility, as I've heard of others that have been sent to them for repairs), ask for Diego! He's incredible.

    The repair is flawless, the service was impeccable, the turn-around time was amazing. ALSO, I didn't have a dust bag, so I just wrapped my bag in some plastic and tissue, and when I got the bag back, the bag was in a brand new dust bag and stuffed with nice tissue. :yahoo::wlae:Two thumbs WAY up for Moda Express!!

    Here's their info, for anyone interested. Just an FYI, I'm not sure if repairs/return shipping is free unless you go through MJ first.

    Diego Artehortua
    201-325-0487 x 3
    Moda Express
    900 Secaucus Road
    Secaucus NJ 07094

  2. Congratulations!! I'm so happy everything worked out for you!
  3. Congrats! That's a great happy ending. Thanks for posting about your experience, I'm sure lots of people will find this information very useful and reassuring!
  4. Wonderful!! I'm so glad that Diego helped you out so quickly, and provided excellent customer service. It's good to know that MJ will provide free repairs for all the MJ bags, regardless of where it was purchased. YIPPEE!!

    BTW, do you have the contact info for you local mail-order cobbler? Or email? I'm looking for a leather repair expert, non-MJ related.
  5. thithi -- My cobbler/leather repairman's name is Terry Fortuna, and her info is:

    Fortuna's Shoe and Luggage Repair
    7835 Woodmont Ave.
    Bethesda, MD 20814
    (301) 654-2533

    Here's her website

    The main leather dude, the one I spoke to, is really nice, really well-respected in the neighborhood. I've never had him fix anything besides regular shoe repairs, but I've heard he's great, and he's cheaper than artbag!!
  6. ^ cool, thanks!
  7. That's where the Employee sale bags get shipped from.
  8. Thanks for sharing the useful information!

    I bought a lovely MJ adina from off Saks last week. But the one screw on the front buckle was loose and then lost :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    I am thinking to send it to MJ for repair. So I only need to provide the receipt from off Saks, right? Do I need to pay additional fee?

  9. Love a happy ending, congrats and enjoy your lovely bag
  10. Great to hear! Thanks for posting all the information too. I am sure that at some point I am going to have to do a search for this information!. Enjoy your "new" bag!!!
  11. Oh wow, thanks for the info, it's so close by me too! :smile:
  12. This is really useful info to have! Thanks for sharing it!!
  13. If you email Marc Jacobs (repairs@marcjacobs.com), they will give you an order repair number and an address (the one I posted above) to send your bag to. The ONLY thing you pay for is shipping. You don't need to include your receipt, you don't need to pay an additional fee, nada. Not that I know of. All you do is send it there, and the rest is paid-for. Call the number I posted above and ask for Diego...see if you need to go through MJ first or if you can just send it on in. He should be able to walk you through the process. But I've never heard of people having to pay for their repair services.
  14. I would like to open up this thread again because I just dealt with them and I am not really that happy.

    I sent away my black MP because 2 threads came undone. I also asked for them to replace a grommet on the strap of my Stella (but was not counting on it since it was last minute).

    I got the bag back yesterday. One thread was repaired. The other was not touched. The grommet was put on but it is BACKWARDS.

    I emailed the MJ rep I have been dealing with and she said that since my bag was from 2004, they shouldn't have done ANY repairs and they did what they could as a courtesy.

    I said that I am thankful for what they did - the unrepaired thread is not a big deal. But the grommet is on backwards now...something they did incorrectly and I would love if they could just put it on the RIGHT WAY.

    She emailed me back with a name/address/phone # of a repair place in NYC.

    I'm sort of frustrated that they repaired the strap wrong, but at the same time I understand I'm lucky to have had any repairs done for free.

    So - just FYI - this is WORD FOR WORD....
    "Our factories cannot repair items beyond a year and a half."

    Just wanted you guys to know...I didn't realize this, didn't ask, and just assumed, so that's my fault too.
  15. ughh that sucks! Just when we think they are looking out for loyal customers, they go ahead and always put in those clauses. So sorry that happened to you! I hope they at least but the grommet in correctly! How irritating!