MJ & Rafe Shoptwigs Deals

  1. SUPER! Thanks for posting for those of us who might not always visit other forums!
  2. great deals. wish they had black ones though :smile:
  3. yea! i'd totally get one if they had it in black...been looking for a new black bag. super cute and good deal though, thanks!
  4. I would love the older quilted elise in any color! I'm not a fan of the patchwork. Thanks for the post!
  5. Thanks bea...I ordered the Rafe Carolyn and then realized it wasn't the one I wanted!!! Word of advice...don't place an online order at 2 a.m. when you should be sleeping!:nogood: Immediately, I emailed them to ask that they exchange it for the larger Bedford Amber. Boy are they good...just got an email stating that they switched it out for me. Super! Now....I hope I like it since I've never purchased a Rafe bag before. Thanks so much for the post.:tup:
  6. Thanks for the post!

    I'd really like the Bedford Amber in Cognac, but I can't get it to go into my shopping bag - my browser window times out....after a long time.

    Tried it with other bags, too, and the same thing happens.

    I'll have to try it at home.
  7. That Rafe Bedford is so pretty - I told myself I am off hobos for a season though. Maybe I need to reconsider. :confused1:
  8. I might order the MJ Elise. Is this website trustworthy? are they selling authentic items?

  9. Hi lelzkewl...they seem to be legit to me. I ordered one of the sale Rafe bags, only to realize immediately thereafter that I ordered the wrong bag! By the next morning, they had switched out the bags for me after reading the email I had sent following the order. Jen called me later in the day just to confirm the order and shipped it that very afternoon! She was incredbly nice and accommodating.
  10. thanks for your info bagachondriac!
    I couldn't decide between the MJ patchwork in beige or the Quilted multipocket in ivory... what do you guys think? thanks in advance..
  11. They are both adorable...but, personally I prefer the patchwork Elise to the multipocket in ivory. I have never been one for gold chains or ivory colored leather. What matters is what you prefer and what suits your taste most. Either way you'll be getting a beautiful bag!! I would've gotten the Elise, but if I'm going to put that much into a bag, I'll save a bit more and buy a Chloe Paddington Satchel. It's next on my list!!:tup:
  12. BTW...good luck on your decision. I'm going to bed now since I have to get up in 5 hours. I've been setting up a new wireless system for our computers for the last hour. Why I decided to do it so late is beyond me...I'm a night owl, I guess! Have a good night.
  13. bagachondriac: thanks for your input! I went with the Elise. =) now can't wait to get it!! *finger crossed* hope i will like it since I've never seen it in person. I tried to look in bloomingdales and NM in my area but they don't have Elise patchwork...
    we'll see...
  14. I went for the quilted ivory Multi-Pocket, I love chains and leather! I don't remember if the Elise can fit over the shoulder but that's my #1 concern since I've got a 2yr and a 5yr old, I need my hands free. I'm curious to know how you like your bag. I've been eying mine for a while and when it went on sale I totally went for it. I'm anxiously awaiting my bag, hopefully it will be in completely new condition you never know with these sales if they are return items.