MJ Quilted Stam.. how heavy is it?

  1. I am Balenciaga girl but do like the looks of this. I am trying to decide between the Stam Mouse and a Fendi spy in mocha...
    how heavy is the Stam, I have a toddler in tow sometimes and my bad back is giving out... so wondering if I can bear the weight!! :Push:
  2. The Stam is a lot heavier than the Spy or Balenciaga... even without the chain. I am still debating if I should keep the one I bought.. I love the style but I'm not completely crazy about the leather. I think it is a very stylish bag but I wish the leather was a little different. I loved the patent ones this spring that were made of goat leather ... they seemed a little lighter and scrunchy.
  3. Stam is heavier than Balenciaga bags & Spy.

    Cilifene got the numbers for us (1 kilo is 2.2 lbs). =)
    LV Batignolles 0,4 kilo
    Mulberry Rosemerry 0,8 kilo
    Hermes Birkin 1,0 kilo
    Blake 1,3 kilo
    Stam alone 1,1 kilo ...the chain 0,4 kilo
  4. If you're going to have a child in one hand and a stam in the other, you probably will pull your back out. I love my stam, but don't recommend it for people who have back problems. It's heavy for most. I don't think it's heavy, but I carry heavy bags on the regular.
  5. Thanks! I'm 5 feet nothing and have to CARRY a 20 lb 9 mth old! But I so love the look of the stam.. peeked into your pictures.. love it love it love the Stam
  6. stam is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo heavy.
  7. You have a toddler :love: I love kids. Stam is supposed to be real heavy so prolly not good with an energetic toddler around:lol:
  8. Hi, The stam is heavy. I have a 16 month old and while I am not currently using my stam, I wouldn't recommend it for everyday with a toddler and you having back problems, plus the kisslock can be hard to open.
  9. I love the Stam but it was too heavy for me. It actually weighed more empty than my Balenciaga city bag does when it's fully loaded. I can't imagine toting a loaded Stam and a toddler--makes my back hurt just thinking about it!
  10. i adore the look of the stam, but i think it is way too heavy.
    if you have a toddler as well as a bad back, i would not get the stam!
  11. I agree with everyone...it's an incredibly heavy bag. Have you thought about the Stam hobo or the East West Stam? Those are great alternatives - with the hobo, at least you can carry it on your shoulder and the East West Stam seems lighter.
  12. Is it heavier than the regular Chloe Paddingtons? I was considering a stam but if it is heavier than the paddington than forget it!

    btw, I just weighted my empty paddington on my electric scale and it came in at 3.2lbs!
  13. Numbers from Cilifene: Stam alone 1,1 kilo ...the chain 0,4 kilo

    Stam alone is 2.42 lbs ... chain is .88 lbs -> totalling 3.3 lbs

  14. Initally, when I first got it, I thought it was sooooo heavy. Within a few days, I didn't even notice the weight of it, though. Of course, I don't carry a whole lot of stuff in it. Although it is roomy enough to carry a ton.

    But if you have to juggle a baby and a stam, it would be difficult.
  15. I have purchased it, and then returned it, THREE times due to the weight. I so wish MJ would address this.