MJ Quilted Patent Tote - New Style?

  1. I just noticed this on the Bergdorf's and Neiman's websites. I don't think I've seen it in this style before - is it new? I really like that vertical zipper! :love: Price is $1,175.

    Black at Neiman's
    MJ quilted patent tote black.jpg

    Green at Bergdorf's
    mj large quilted patent tote.jpg
  2. Those are really cute. :love:
  3. These totes are from Marc Jacobs Spring 2006 Womens Collection
    This line (Ursula??) includes Patent/Non-Patent Quilted Elise, Bowler, Hobo, Tote, wallets, ....

  4. hi there...i'm new here!!

    i fell in love with the black one and went to NM [​IMG]

    to buy it, and came away with the ursula bowler in blush instead...i'm so happy i did. i tried both out and literally walked around the purse section with different bags looking at myself in the mirrors before i settled on the bowler style instead - i was more unique and not so grandmother-y if that makes sense...

    sorry, i messed up the post when i put the image in there...but that's my bag!!
  5. ^ Hi and welcome!

    The bowler is cute! Does that push lock close on any kind of pocket or is it more decorative?
  6. Its cute! I'm not a tote kind of girl though, but I would love to get an MJ bowler one day.
  7. hi!! no, it's totally decorative. it's a little weird imo, but mj likes to insert random padlocks here and there :smile:
  8. Grechencloset, congrats. Bowler in Blush is very nice, I love it!!! The bowler would look too plain without the pushlock, that's part of the beauty. =)

  9. I love the green!
  10. I love the green, too, but it would be way too impractical for me. So I got the black one. It is coming in a few days! But I tried it on at Nordstrom and it's gorgeous!
  11. Oooh, how lucky you are. Post pics when you get it.