MJ Quilted Patent Leather Bowler..

  1. I saw this bag from NM website, however they only have 1 photo. Anyone bought this bag before? Do you mind posting some pictures? Thanks..
  2. I saw this bag myself and considered buying it as well.... I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on it too. It looks like a very nice bag although I have no idea how comfortable it is to carry.
  3. oh i'd love to see more pics of this one. I like the shape of it but just wondering if it can be worn on the shoulder as well? It looks quite boxy and teh handles look quite short. Anyone have any idea?
  4. I don't own it, but I've seen it IRL. The straps are short and I didn't like the ruffle on the handles because it seemed uncomfortable. Also, it seems as if the ruffle would turn on the handle and not stay in one place. The burgandy color was very pretty, though.