MJ Quilted Multi or Chanel Tote?

  1. It's a tossup between this MJ and Chanel. Which would you go with? I have been loving the Chanel since I saw Kate Moss with a similar one...actually she has both of these except the Chanel is in beige. I can get the MJ for less, but still get a good deal on the Chanel.

  2. Chanel absolutely!
  3. Chanel: the quality is infinitely better!
  4. I agree, I think the Chanel is a beauty!
  5. Chanel!
  6. Anyone seen this style in person? I'm buying unseen. Dimensions are 11x8x5 I think? Will it fit lots of stuff?
  7. chanel :]
  8. i was considering buying the bag until i tried to tuck it under my arm and realized how unwieldly it is to try to fit a box under ur arm....
  9. 0o0o, i like the chanel! :smile:
  10. 0o0o, i like the chanel! :smile:
  11. I vote Chanel.
  12. How long is the strap? If it fits RIGHT up under your arm it's probably a little too boxy.
    A big bag needs to hang a little.
  13. Definitely Chanel
  14. i'm alone on this, but the MJ :[)
  15. I actually like the MJ better too! LOL!