MJ Quilted Leather Tote

  1. Does anyone know if this bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap?

    The picture from Bloomies (attached) shows the bag with what looks like a detachable strap. However, the picture from Nordstrom (and everywhere else I've seen it- I've also attached Nordie's pic) does NOT have the strap.

    Also, if anyone has this bag, how big is it IRL? Does it fit a lot? I'm a really big bag person, so the more it fits, the better :smile:

    MJ quilted zipper tote.jpg nordies quilted zipper tote pic.jpg
  2. Hmm, good question! I saw the bag @ bloomies' last week. It did have the strap attached to it. However, I can't be sure that it wasn't tucked into the bag!
  3. Ok, so I just got off the phone with Robert, my fave SA @ Bloomies' SF, apparently the bag has never come with a strap!
  4. Photos from thepursestore.com


    Doesn't look like there's a strap on here either....
  5. Yikes! I wonder why the Bloomies pic AND written description of the bag indicates that there is a strap. As you have all confirmed, I didn't think it came with a strap, especially since all the other pictures I've seen of the bag are strapless. Very weird!

    thanks for all your help, everyone :tup:
  6. Haha, I told Robert the same thing, and even he said he didn't understand why there's a strap in the picture online. He said that their lookbook shows a strap as well, but it definitely does NOT come with one!

    Nonethleless, it's a cute bag!
  7. I just bought the black one from the Purse store. Mine did not have a strap.

    It fits a TON of stuff and its currently my fave MJ. You could throw a Vogue in there, plus a water bottle if you wanted to.

    Anyone else have this puse? The front zippers stick a little, which I find disconcerting in a bag that retails for almost $1,400. My banana hobo does this, too.
  8. What a lovely bag!
  9. no strap imo