MJ Quilted Elise Interior

  1. So, my boyfriend bought me a beautiful Marc Jacobs Quilted Elise for Christmas!!! The only problem is that when I looked at the description on eluxury's website it says the interior should be suede whereas the interior on mine is canvas. I know the bag is authentic, or should be anyway, since he purchased it at Nordstroms. So, I was wondering if any of you have this bag and if so what the interior matieral really was, canvas or suede?
  2. ...Is it a bag from a previous season? Post pics and I'm sure bag.lover can tell you...She'll be along I'm sure! :heart: Emmy
  3. Hey Urban-- I have the quilted Elise in white chiffon from this season and it has canvas lining. I got it from the MJ boutique, so I know it's authentic.

    Their description is probably wrong, because I think bag.lover told me once that it doesn't come lined in suede. I'll try to take a pic later so we can compare. Hope this helps!
  4. Congrats! =) Which color did receive?

    Eluxury is selling this season's Quilted Elise (non-patent leather, dark brown canvas lining), their description is incorrect (patent leather, suede lining). Previously released Soft Calf (non-quilted) Elise has suede lining.

    Spring 06's Quilted Ursula (patent) Elise has cream canvas lining, its style number is C361049. It's made in Black, Blush, Chalk, Cola, and Midnight.

    Resort 06's Quilted Elise has dark brown canvas lining, its style number is C363019. It's available in Black, White Chiffon, Almond, and Topaz.
  5. Here are pics of the interior of my MJ Elise. Is yours similar?
    Inside MJ Elise.jpg Inside MJ Elise 2.jpg
  6. Thanks girls! It's the Resort 06 Quilted Elise in black, the inside looks just like marclover's. I love it, it's so gorgeous!