MJ quilted Elise... how much is it retail value and does it hold a lot?

  1. How much is the retail value of a Marc Jacobs Quilted Elise bag?

    I just LOVE that bag!!!!

    but... does it hold a lot of items inside it? how roomy and big is it?
  2. The patent version retailed for $1050. The current patchwork retails for $1295.

    I think it holds a lot. It's pretty roomy, but then again, I think the small MP is adequate and some girls think that is small.
  3. Wow! didn't realize the new elise is that much now!

    PlatinumSerenity - it's pretty roomy, would fit small water bottle, full size wallet, phone, and another small bag of makeup or something. You can leave it unzipped up top and leave things sticking out too. Sorry, I don't have a pic for you - I'm horrible at loading pics.
  4. I have a quilted patent elise in blush and I love it!:love::love: The color is beautiful. It's a very classy bag but it gets heavy pretty quick and I don't think it's that roomy. I feel like I end up cramming a lot of stuff in there. I still love my large MP the best for everyday bag.