MJ quilted Elise at NM/BG

  1. First it was the Celine Small Dorine bag, now it's the MJ quilted Elise. Why must I be tortured by bags I like that are only top handle / hand-carry??!! Oh the humanity! :lol:

  2. luvboogie, check out the MJ Blake. I think NM has the quilted version, and it can be worn on the shoulder.
  3. that bag is gorgeous. :love: but yes, the blake would be more practical and just as gorgeous!
  4. I LOVE that bag...
  5. Thanks pseub! (Then again, my wallet is crying. :smile:) I wish there were more of a choice online than just white though...
  6. I agree, the quilted Elise is to die for. I love it, yet I'm not loving the blake which is similar. Sure wish there was a detachable shoulder strap for those times when you need hands free.
  7. I really think that the Elise is a cute design from MJ collection. The quilted patent ones are so adorable. I saw the bag today and the size was a perfect medium bag. Very feminie and adorable~~ If I had to pick a MJ bag from the current collection, I'd pick Elise (2nd to Stam)
  8. Not too sure I like this bag, for some reason the stam is starting to grow on me and his new stuff is like bleh. I'm so behind :sad:
  9. It's lovely. I saw that in person this weekend, and it's to die for!