MJ quilted bowler - need help with sizes

  1. I want to purchase the small bowler, can you advise the measurements for the small, are there 2 sizes or 3.

    I found two in eBay I love, chalk and light brown, both are 13 x 9. I know there are some with measurements of 16 x 10 (so I'm assuming this is the large one), but somewhere in my search, I found one with the measurements of 12 x 5 x 8.

    Help soon--they close in a couple of days.
  2. ^ If you are referring to the QUILTED Bowlers, there are only 2 sizes: Large and regular. Here are the measurements:

    LARGE BOWLER: 16 x 10 x 6.5"
    BOWLER: 12.5 x 9 x 5"
  3. I have the bowler and its the perfect size. I'm 5'4 and 135lbs and it balances me quite well. I tried the large bowler the other day in the MJ store and I felt overwhelmed by it, to be honest. I only own one massive bag and that's the Botkier Trigger Fan Hobo and when that baby's packed with stuff, its ridiculous. So I guess it all just depends on your comfort (and yes, there are only two sizes).
  4. I bought the Large Bowler in Bronze. Decided it was too big. (For the size of the bag, the handles need to be longer IMO.) Exchanged it for the Small Bowler in Chalk. IMO it was too small. Back it went as well. Love the idea of the bowler style, but neither worked for me. The small one was a nice one for going to lunch, but didn't seem a practical day bag. So if you are remotely interested in function, I don't know that either of these would work.
  5. smaller size is better....there's a member on here that just purchased on in moss green. i bet she could supply pics...the smaller size can be worn on the shoulder but the larger size is wider and it makes it akward and uncomfortable. i'd say the large size is almost like a travel bag.
  6. Thank you all for your help. Although I normally love the big MJ bags, have two Venetia's, for some reason this bag is appealing to me in the smaller size. Your pictures really helped, the on-line pictures are deceiving, they look so small. I'll probably be sorry for picking the small one, because I like to pack the kitchen sink, but have been known to sacrifice practical for cute in the past. I went most of my life with shoulder bags, because I thought I needed a free hand, now all I carry are satchel's. My first Paddington (Chloe) I returned because I wanted to know what kind of nut would carry a bag with a padlock that weighed about 25 lbs. I now have 2.

    I definitley want a light colored one, but was hoping for something not so white as the chalk, maybe more of a cream or other light shade.

    Anyone know what light colors the small MJ quilted bowler came in? I have a couple more days before the chalk one ends on eBay.
  7. There's blush, which is a shade darker than chalk. It has a hint of pink and is patent leather. There is also cashew, which is a tan color and not patent leather.
  8. Thanks, I've seen the cashew and that is a pretty, neutral shade.
  9. can the smaller one be worn on the shoulder comfortably? anyone has picture of wearing the small bowler on the shoulder? TIA!
  10. Light colors include Chalk (off-white, patent), Blush (neutral pink, patent), and Ivory (non-patent) for this size.

    With patent leather, water and dust/stain can be wiped off easily. There are 2 major issues that scare off many potential owners:
    1. White doesn't remain white over time, it turns a bit yellowy over time. It's important to avoid exposure to sunlight.
    2. If color penetrates into patent leather, it cannot be fixed; this type of leather cannot be re-dyed.
  11. I (have a small frame) can wear both sizes of Bowler on my shoulder. The bag's thickness (5") is the same from top to bottom so it doesn't look as nice though.