MJ Quilted Blake lining

  1. I just bought my 2nd Marc Jacobs bag. It is the black quilted BLake with gold hardwre. I thought the lining was su pposed to be suede, but it is canvas. I know some of the MJ bags have canvas, but I am not sure about this one? I bought it on Luxestyle, which I have had great success with other designer bags. I am wondering if maybe the quilted BLake with silver hardware has sued and the gold has canvas? Anyone? Thanks!!!!
  2. I'm not familiar with that site but my quilted Blake has the canvas interior as well. I don't believe they come with suede interior. Don't you love it though?!! :smile:
  3. Quilted blakes do not come with suede interior.... MJ uses only canvas for these bags because suede would make the bag weigh too much. A regular blake already weighs close to 3 lbs, imagine what a quilted blake would weigh with suede!
  4. Thank you both so much. I was worried all day yesterday when I was carrying it. That makes sense that it would be heavy. It is already heavy without anything in it! I adore this bag. I only have 2 MJ bags and am quickly becoming a fan!