MJ Quilted Amanda Satchel - Anyone seen this??

  1. Ack... saw a bag that I apparently fell in love with over the night. (I was in a hurry when I first saw it, so I didn't really take time to consider buying.) It was on the 25% off table at NM, and when I went back to get it - GONE...

    So, does anyone know anything about this handbag that could aid my search? I talked to NM customer service and they couldn't find it, as I don't have any item numbers or anything. I "think" the name is Amanda - but not sure. It came in a few different colors - I fell in love with the cream/ivory one, but I am really willing to consider any color at this point? Short of calling every NM store in the nation - I don't know how to find it in store? Has anyone seen this bag in their NM store, that I might be able to call and get it from them??? Thanks!

    eBay: MARC JACOBS QUILTED SATCHEL STAM AMANDA BAG PURSE $1050 (item 300064146727 end time Jan-06-07 07:34:03 PST)

    Yes I know this is a link to the bag. But I really wanted to get it directly from NM, cuz I am tired of buying bags off of eBay and having to fret over their authenticity! (With a few excepts from great bags from fellow PFers of course! ;) ) Also, I think the price at NM was WAY lower... Thank you for any help, if anyone knows anything~!
  2. Hmmm.... this is an older style so I'd be surprised if any more dept stores carry this since they're all having their winter clearance sales. I think it also comes in a denim, hazelnut, and black. It really is a cute bag... The only other place that may have this are the MJ boutiques, but you'll have to pay full retail for it. Good luck!
  3. Thanks! I am going to check back with the Chicago NM stores tomorrow. She was going to go through their stock and call me.

    We'll see what happens.
  4. ^ cute bag, hope you can get your hands on one! Good luck!
  5. Love this bag! Hope you got it!
  6. Thank you, thank you!!!

    I will call Boca Raton today!!! I'm really wanting to purchase from NM, rather than eBay!! I will let you know!!:yes:
  7. Good luck! I haven't seen that bag in a while. I'm heading out to NM's in DC later today, and I will let you know if I see it.
  8. Crossing my fingers for you!!
  9. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: HOORAY!!!

    GUESS WHAT??? I went to my NM in Troy today, as a last ditch effort I was going to see if they could order the bag for me, since none of the other stores knew what I was trying to explain... (I didn't have the stock/style number.)

    AND.... someone had placed MY bag on hold and then never come to pick it up!! The hold had just expired and they had just placed the bag back out for sale! It's MINE!! All mine!!! HOORAY!! AND, I got the bag in a teal color - which was the original color I saw it in!!! It was meant to be!! I'm super exicted... and banned from the mall for life, because there was a TON of great stuff on sale!! (To top things off, it was on SUPER sale for just over $500!!)

    I will post pics later on tonight!! Thank you to everyone that was rooting for me!! :yes: I'm so excited!
  10. :yahoo: soo happy for you! it was totally meant to be! :yes: can't wait to see your pics!
  11. YAY!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!! The teal sounds TDF!!! Can't wait to see pics!
  12. WOW! Great deal for a beautiful bag! It was DEFINITELY meant to be.
  13. :nuts: Here she is!! In all of her beauty!! I smile everytime I look at the bag!!

    Enjoy~~ I am really happy with my purchase!!
    MJamanda1.jpg MJamanda2.jpg
  14. OMG! she's really a beauty! drooling over here :drool: