MJ Polina

I thought about this bag in the white/cream. It was just "ok" as far as I was concerned. I really liked it in the photos and thought that this would be a great "basic" bag--but then I realized it's way too much money for what it is--just a great "basic." I decided I could find something similar for a lot less $ or use that money towards something I'd really love.

Plus the flap gets a little old. And I thought the proportions started looking a little off between the zippers on the side and that middle tagy thing. It just didn't look right the more I looked at it.
I love the look of this bag--so much that I actually purchased it in black. I ended up returning it because when I loaded my stuff and folded the flap it got a weird bump that stuck out in the back and jabbed into me. Also, in the typical MJ fashion, it's a bit heavy. I swapped it for a Balenciaga city bag that weighs about the same fully loaded as the empty Polina.
if you like that but don't want to pay the price, it actually looks a bit like the hayden-harnett havana when you have the flap down (at least in some pics i've seen) and the HH is half the price and wonderful soft leather.
In my quest for an everyday black bag I brought it home and then returned it. I didn't like the fact that I paid $950 and it had a canvas lining!!! The green was beautiful though when I saw it in Saks.
hhhmmm. well, I usually love MJ, but this style doesn't do it for me. one reason is that square/rectangular thing near the bottom looks like a luggage tag holder. like you need to slip in a piece of paper with your name and address on it or your business card in case the airline loses your bag and you need to track it down.... :huh:

and what's the ring for? to hang your keys on the outside? it just bugs.... :smile:
I was actually considering this bag for a while but decided $950 was too much for an everyday, casual bag. I wound up buying the Hayden Harnett Mercer Satchel in luggage brown instead...:amuse: