MJ Petrol Baby Stam

  1. I can get this baby stam in petrol for $600/650 (been used 1x, basically brand new). Should I get it? I'm wondering if I find it a little small if the resale value for this most wanted color would be good, even though it's in the baby size vs. the regular stam. I can't do the regular stam as it's just too darn big and so I figure this baby might be a good substitute for my *smaller* bag days :love:

  2. I love it! The color and hardware are perfect combination! Since you stated that the regular stam is a bit on the big side for you, this is a great choice for size! Very beautiful! I say YAY!
  3. the regular stam was much too large and heavy for me. bc i absolutely loved the style, i got the baby stam. i love it!
  4. Jennifer how much does it fit w/out the kisslock popping open? All I want to get in it is a small cosmetic pouch, my small french LV wallet, cellphone, keys, checkbook. Can it fit that?
  5. Thanks! It's a tossup between this and a chanel black/white cambon bowler :yes: I hate making choices!

  6. It's very cute, but I think you need to consider how much you will put in there.
  7. You should totally get it!

    Even if it's on the small side and not necessarily a basic piece, it's got that special x-factor to it that you can't replicate. It's beautiful!
  8. SuLi that's my concern - I tend to think I won't get much in it :cry:

  9. unfortunately, not much.
    i can easily fit my wallet (about same size as yours), cellphone, sunglasses, lipstick and lipgloss without any problems.
    i tried putting in my old digi cam (huge and very heavy- the old canon s30 for reference), and the kisslock kept popping open.
    i don't know if you would be able to fit the checkbook in... maybe if you manuever it in carefully bc the opening is rather small compared to the base of the bag.
  10. I LOVE that color! I would reallly like to have a big Stam in that color.
  11. 0o0o0 the baby stam is SO SO cute!!!
  12. cute!!!!!! That color is so good!!!
  13. yay. love the color so much :smile: i like small bags
  14. awww wow gorgeous colour... i would get it!!
  15. Wow, I have never seen a baby stam in the petrol! I love it!!!!