MJ Perforated Pochettes - Perfection!

  1. OMG IWantWantWANT! Does anyone know if Australia has these yet? And which colour do you prefer out of the green, pink or orange? J'adore!


    Mum likes the green the best.
  2. I believe the pochettes are almost sold out worldwide. They were out some months back. U'd better call your store to find out.
  3. Yeah...you should call your LV in Australia ASAP to see if they have any left.
  4. The Perfo Pochette is already sold out in Australia.:smile:
  5. :crybaby:

    Still cute though. :sad: I'd imagine they'd be much more difficult to copy... :biggrin:
  6. ^^^^ I think we all imagined that... but damn counterfeiters work so fast. :cursing:
  7. Does anyone have one? If so, pics? :heart: Lindsay Lohan had the perforated Speedy (don't know what size) in pink. So cute!
  8. i have the orange speedy.. the big items are stll available in aus but i havent enquired about the cles
  9. There was only 1 size that came in the perfo line, so it was a speedy 30 you saw :smile:
  10. There are still some perforated items left in some LV boutiques, so if you want, get them now. :P They will be selling out fast.

    I love the fuchsia..!
  11. They don't have any here as I rang to purchase my fave - the fushcia pink and they are all gone.:crybaby: The SA then said ALL the colours are gone.
  12. I went to my local LV, looking to purchase a perfo pochette and ended up getting the perfo speedy. I'm glad that I did, because the pochette doesn't hold much at all.

    I would call the 866 number to see if they can locate one for you.
  13. I live in the States but I just got the green one last week, my local store also had the fuschia ones. I love it, used it when shopping at the mall today and didn't even have to put it down when I had a bite to eat.

    I posted pics of it in the Perfo Club in the LV clubhouse.

    Oh and it holds my Koala wallet, a slim mirror, lipgloss, my cell, and keys perfectly.