MJ Perforated Flap bag help!

  1. Looking for the one that was on sale @ MJ in Boston a short time back - would prefer yellow (yeah right!) but will settle for the whiskey = can't do white. Would it be worthwhile to call MJ Boston to see if they still have any for the $400 price? Thanks girls! :yes: :yes:
  2. Nope, I called the other day because they send me the wrong bag. All they had left were some Military Sackles and a Gold Heather, a large Denim Nude Tote, and the fabric bags like the Abelyns and Garbardines. Slim pickings for sure... They have some 40% off bags too but I don't know what they are.
  3. they def won't have any perforated bags at Nordstrom for price matching...when my mom got her Brigitte I really wanted a flap bag but the really helpful SA (not sarcastic) said there were none in any color...gl with Saks!