MJ, Perfect at any age!

  1. I was in Nordie's today to bring my first topaz stam in for repair and I saw the cutest thing! There were two elderly ladies (I'm talking little blue haired grandmothers) fawning over a Cecilia in peanut(?):heart:. They kept handing it back and forth and trying it on and gigling like I would be doing with a GF. I didn't really have time to stay and see if they got it (kind of had to run in and out). Anyway, this is for anyone worried about MJ bags being too young or trendy.

    MJ: perfect at any age!:lol:
  2. Aww that is sweet. I like them because they have classic lines and details. And, I ain't nearly dusty or a young babe. LOL
  3. i had some old ladies at the MJ counter when I went...and some older ladies tell me my stam hobo was one of the most gorgeous things they'd ever seen....if it makes you feel good...and looks good on you....i'm with it no matter your age
  4. What a cute story! I hope I'm still wearing MJ and giggling over it with friends at that age!
  5. thats so heartwarming. i hope i still like my bags when im their age ^_^
  6. Yay!! That's so sweet!
  7. :goodpost:
  8. thanks for posting this! i hope i'm still stylish and trendy when i'm old and grey.