MJ Peacock color?

  1. Hey can someone show me some real life pictures of the color of this bag?
    thanks so much!!!
  2. Sorry, I don't have any pictures of the color.. BUT it is definitely my FAVORITE color ever. One day I will have a MJ bag in peacock. :sleepy: (me dreaming)
  3. I love the peacock color too
  4. Here's a photo of the Peacock Sophia that I use to own. It has a blue-ish green color, almost teal.
  5. Good Lord Peacock is ONE HOT COLOR!!! jeez!!!!!!!
    Imagine wearing a black top and bottom and just that bag alone - it would stand out like CRAZY!!!!!!

    I have 2 Sophias - don't need another LOL...but Sophia is the best bag for everyday use, going out, and a petite stature....

    I have one Stella...it's HEFTY - won't part with it - won't buy another though.

    I have the large multipocket (big and slouchy) and Venetia - an "almost an over the shoulder with a coat on"

    If I ever decide on a Peacock color - what are my other choices as far as style? Probably just Sophia...hmmmmmm:shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:
  6. I've seen some really pretty blakes in this color. Sophia is great, as is the MP. Get any of these styles and you can't go wrong!