MJ "Patty" style?

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  1. I can't find this style with a web search. Does anyone have a pic? And also, does anyone know what the color "straw" looks like? Thanks!
  2. Thanks so much. Too bad there isn't a picture. I'm really curious to see how it looks. A friend told me she saw it at NM last call so I wonder if it's the same bag. I don't think they'd still have 2005 bags. Thanks again!
  3. Send us a pic so we can see.
  4. i don't have the bag. i was actually curious to see how it looks because i might want to get it. i can't seem to find a pic of it anywhere though!
  5. oh, that is so weird, there was a picture when i posted the link!

    Here's another one I found on the forum:[​IMG]
  6. thanks so much for passing along the pic. it looks like a nice bag! pquiles did get a bargain on her stuff! wow!!!
  7. That's a great bargain, pquiles! This bag is super cute! Hope you find one vagabag!
  8. I fell in love with this Patty color that Kelly Ripa owns. :love: I heard her tell a story about a Hamptons charity event she attended where they sold MJ bags for like $60-$100. She said she bought several. I wonder if this is one of the ones she got for so little.
    kelly1.JPG kelly2.JPG
  9. Much to my husband's chagrin, I call around asking about the sales as well as try to establish relationships with SA. I think it's mostly luck and hanging around on the PF.
    I saw my patty at NM Last Call, San Antonio for 900. and 20% off in Oct 06. I also saw it on BLUEFLY's site, for even more. I love my bag. No one in this area carries one. I love the color that Kelly Ripa's toting though. I wish I was invited to events where I could purchase gorgeous stuff for so little. Shucks,....she can afford to buy them at retail. I couldn't.