MJ Patent Bowler Questions!

  1. Hi Ladies! If any of you have an MJ patent bowler, particularly the Moss color, could you help me out? I found one at a consignment shop for $390 CAD (minty condition and 1/2 price) but I have NO IDEA if it is authentic.

    I have a venetia, blake and small multipocket, but the bowler leather is, well, kind of light and shiny and it feels fake!!! Not what I'm used to in an MJ. Could any of you tell me what I should be looking for. I noticed that the lining was canvas, the nameplate was gold, it had 4 gold feet and was about 14" wide. also, If the consignment shop allows me to take pictures, could I message one of you gals to take a look for me?

    It seems like a great deal and I would love a green bag. Any info would be appreciated :smile:

    Thank you!
  2. I don't own one but the leather should be very crinkly and the main zipper head should be rounded and say Riri M8.
  3. i own the moss bowler...
    feel free to send me pics if you're concerned!!

    the leather is definitely much lighter than my other mj's... so that doesn't strike me as odd... and the lining of mine is creme canvas with gold plate. so far so good!
  4. ^ahahaha, not for long i'm sure! it's gorgeous!
  5. no, really, it is my bag. i won the auction. :tup:
  6. LOL.. from one pfer to another. Congrats to both! (forenfinal and tuffcookie)

  7. ahahah i thought you meant you were selling it! i was thinking... she's crazy!:nuts:

    congrats and enjoy!!!!
  8. heh thanks so much :smile: ill post pics!
  9. Hey Squishy, post pics and I'll be more than happy to assist if I can.