MJ Parker in Grey on Sale at The Purse Store

  1. Hi MJ Fans,

    I saw this on sale for $875 while other stores are selling it for $1,250. I am really tempted to get it. Should I be worried buying it from this seller? Would I have authentication issues? It's just weird that this bag is on sale for sometime, considering it's fairly new addition to the line.

    Your thoughts please. I'm eager coz this will be my first MJ bag purchase. I've bought the wallet and now I want the bag.

  2. the purse store is a trusted reseller. many of us have bought from this website in the past. they usually have coupons every once in a while! the parker is a nice bag. it's a good size. i've seen it irl at Saks. love it in grey!
  3. If you love it get it!!!
  4. I got it! It just came today and I'm so happy ;) Kitcat was right! Thanks for the tip. The Purse Store sent me a perfect bag, brand new and no defects whatsoever. I've checked authenticity and it is real! I'm sooo happy!
  5. congrats on your new bag! pls post pics if you can. we'd love to see them so we can :drool:
  6. Here it is... ! If by any chance, you see something wrong with it-- by all means please let me know, the earlier the better so I can still return it just in case... :smile: Thanks!
    IMG_0450.JPG IMG_0449.JPG IMG_0448.JPG IMG_0451.JPG
  7. beautiful bag! congrats!
  8. Gorgeous bag!!! :tup:
  9. What a stunner--congrats!!
  10. Thank you for the pic, I think it looks better IRL then I would have thought from the promo pic.
  11. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love this bag, and even more, I LOVE this color!!!! Congrats!!
  12. Thanks... I'm loving it! I haven't used it yet, planning to do so this Sunday when I go to a dinner party ;)