MJ Paradise Angie

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  1. I like it! It's shape and size reminds me of the hillier but better. Add to wishlist? Hmmm.
  2. I really like it too!
  3. i think it's beautiful!
  4. I totally love this and hope it comes in black!!!!

  5. mm, yes black... :drool:
  6. ^Yes, in black! But I like it in this color to. I like the shape gold hw.
  7. ohhhhh i like it!!!
  8. gorgeous..love it!
  9. It will be available in black as per tad's line sheets! I want I want I want in black! I would forsake my hilliers for one. :P. I love that it has a ZIPPER closure.
  10. pretty...so it looks like its going to be available in black, camel, beige, rose. Cant wait to see them
  11. I love it. It'd be on my wishlist if it wasn't so similar to the Kate that I want, but I do really like the colour.
  12. Oops, I've got to have that. (I am supposed to be behaving)
  13. nascar: what color do you want?
  14. Hum. I don't know. I like the style. And the Paradise line's leather is sooooo smooshy and luxurious.