MJ orange

  1. Don't ask me why I wait until now to have this craving never the less..I am suddenly star struck with needing an orange zip clutch...any ideas of where the heck to find one?? thanks maggie
  2. LOL i just suddenly had the craving for a yellow clutch this weekend alone for no apparent reason! He had like a darker, browner orange didn't he?

    bag.lover where are you!
  3. This was available at saksfifthavenue.com but is no longer available online. Perhaps is you call them, they may be able to find one. Good luck! It's a beautiful color![​IMG]
  4. ^^that is really pretty...:love:
  5. Orange is from Resort 2005, your best bet is to call a MJ boutique. If I remember correctly, I saw it at the LA store recently. Good luck finding it Maggie. =)
  6. Orange would be a great color for spring! Good luck with your search!
  7. wow i'd never seen an orange on till now! it is eye popping!
  8. I had a recent orange craving too! I landed a rust (orangy-red) clutch. I have to remember to post pics when I get home. It also has the most divine suede lavender lining! YUM!