MJ or Coach or Groom for key pouch?

  1. I'm at a loss here.. I was actually thinking of buying the groom cles..but I'm not a fan of the monogram, and right now I have both the coach coin pouch and the MJ with tags intact. Which do you like better?
    a LVOELY COIN POUCH.jpg mj skinnny.jpg
  2. hmmm,, that's tough,, I'm a huge Coach fan,, but I think I like the MJ one a little bit better!! :yes: just wondering,, how much was the MJ one?? lol
  3. The MJ one is nicer and for lack of a better word, "classier" =)
  4. I love the LV groom line so that would be my first choice.
    Secondly, I'm not a Coach fan but I like very much this coin purse whereas I find the MJ one nice but..ordinary :s
    1. LV
    2. Coach
    3. MJ
  5. I like both! It is true that the MJ looks better, but I really like the colors of the coach! I love the coach one.
  6. I think the Coach one is really fun and bold. Like you're carrying a plain black bag and then BAM, you pull out a colorful surprise!
  7. I like the classic look of the MJ. How can you clean the Coach? I say if you get tired of stuff easily keep the Coach if you like the long haul MJ. LV is a silk screen and will eventually show signs of wear or come off I wouldn't purchase that for daily use.
  8. I'm not a fan of the lv groom stuff, so I'd say no to that one and stick to picking one from the two you already have. I like the colors of the coach one, but I agree with serendipity that the MJ will last longer...
  9. I like the look of the MJ one. :smile: I also believe that the MJ one will last longer.
  10. Thanks all! So groom is out.

    Would it be ridiculous to keep both? LOL
  11. NO! Keep both! They are totally different and the Coach isn't that expensive and its cute.
  12. I love the MJ key pouch! It is such a pretty color.
  13. You can probably fit more in the MJ, but I love the Coach! If you can, I would keep both. I have a key chain similiar to the Coach one that I keep attached to my eyes and use as a coin purse. The MJ one you could probably use for the little things you keep in your purse, like make-up, hairties, etc.
  14. Well is the MJ really for keys? I HAVE and LOVE the Coach striped keypouch, but I use it as a coin purse and not at all for keys. (Hmm, should I?)

    I do love the MJ a lot, (I actually like it better, but don't tell all my Coach striped accessories! I could eat them!) but maybe as a small wallet and not to store keys inside?
  15. You can keep both and use one for house keys and one for car keys!:smile: That's what i do, i have 2 different key pouches :smile: Plus in the MJ you can keep an id or credit card when you go out, but not in the coach one!!!