MJ or Chanel????


MJ or Chanel?????

  1. Marc Jacobs

  2. Chanel

  3. Buy the MJ now and save toward the Chanel

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  1. I am very torn about what I should do, and want to know what you ladies think. What should I continue saving for, an MJ or Chanel? I love Marc Jacobs bags, and have for many years. BUT, one of my dreams is to own a Chanel bag.
    I am 28 years old and work in the shoe business. I love fashion but still don't make a ton of $$$ so it takes me a while to save toward things (plus I have a little girl who is 6 months old, so of course she needs to look cute!)
    I almost have all the $ saved to buy the MJ I want (with taxes). My husband says I should continue to save toward the Chanel and if it takes me a year, he said I would be much happier in the long run.
    The problem is I don't know exactly what Chanel I would want, and by the time I save enough for one I like, it may not be available. I know I would not like the 2.55. I am interested in the larger totes and slouchier leather bags, but they are seasonal. Plus, I don't even know if Chanel bags (dare I say) go on sale?
    What would you do if you were me? Any suggestions for a Chanel bag would be greatly appreciated as well.
    I have attached the link to the MJ bag I like.

  2. Save towards the chanel. You have already saved $$$ and the MJ really is kind of an IT bag. With the Chanel you can have it and 10 years later it will still be classy and your daughter could inherit it!
  3. buy the chanel classic flap. i think it's the purse to end all purses. i'm waiting to get mine as a graduation present. i won't buy another purse ever again after i get (i say this now)
  4. Since you don't know which Chanel you want yet, I say either keep saving until you DO know, or get the MJ now and continue saving while you think about your next purchase.
  5. I agree. You need to know your goal. The Chanel bags are getting expensive...the prices just went way up on the classics and they are rumored to go up again sometime next year. You may not want to pay the kind of prices a Chanel would require - and some of them are worth 3 MJs! But I have a Chanel and 2 MJs, so I can feel your pain. IMHO the MJ you chose I don't think it's the best kind of leather he has come out with. It seems really kind of thin to me IRL. With your choices, tho, I would save at least $2500 and see if I really want to go for the Chanel. If not, then get an MJ and another treat!
  6. It sounds like you really like the MJ bag so I say buy it, then save up again for a Chanel. That way, you can enjoy your hard-earned money now and add the Chanel to your collection a year or two from now. Just my two cents...good luck!
  7. i like the MJ
  8. I say keep saving a wait for the Chanel. Although you don't know exactly which one you want it seems like this is your dream bag. And buy the time you save up the rest of money I'm sure there will be the perfect one just waiting for you!

    Several times in the past I've tried to quench my desire by buying another bag to "tide me over"...it never works, lol
  9. definitely save for the chanel.
  10. save for Chanel!hehe...
    and Chanel do have sale twice a year...usually around June and December..
  11. Thank you ladies for your input. I think I may keep saving for the Chanel. I know I will love it forever (whichever one I decide to get!)!
  12. Hands down get the Chanel! The money you put towards "settling" on the Marc Jacobs bag, is money that you'll always remember *could* have gone towards your holy grail Chanel bag.

    It's always better to save for what you truly want, rather than to convince yourself you don't mind getting something else for instant gratification.

    I like Marc Jacobs bags, but they're no where near as timeless as Chanel.
  13. id save up for the chanel they r classic! u could u it 4ever!!! the MJ bags too trendy you prob wont use it in a couple years?