MJ on Ebay restricted to Asia??

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  1. An MJ seller told me that she/he can't entertain buyers from/ship to Asia because Ebay restrict certain items going into Asia. I have never heard of this before. I asked her/him to specify but he/she did not reply. I have bought an MJ on Ebay before and it was shipped with no issues. I am thinking that seller simply made up excuses for not entertaining international (asia?) bidders? Anybody ever heard of such restrictions?
  2. I actually was revising a Marc item on ebay and after i finished they noted that i had to change my shipping preferences because i am not allowed to ship to asia. I had no idea what that was about, so the seller was telling the truth.
  3. good grief. is that just MJ or all items...? i better clarify this with ebay because some MJ sellers do not seem to have this restriction. is it because sellers are relatively new to ebay? the material used for the bag? :confused1: :mad:
  4. the first thing in my mind was exactly what you said, this must have something to do with counterfitting. but, how is retricting bags going into asia via ebay stopping counterfitting? they are assuming counterfitters in asia buying orgininals from ebay to copy? counterfitters would SELL on ebay i pressume and not BUY from it? if there is anyone who knows that ebay is filled with fakes, it would be the counterfitters wouldn't it?

    also, the link you attached is banning foreign sellers. the seller i am talking about is in the US, and selling to someone in asia, me!

    i don't understand the logic. and being told i am "banned" because i am in asia without any kind of explanations (ebay obviously did not explain to sellers why) really left a rather nasty taste in my mouth so to speak. i know there must be a good reason. but i don't think it is fully the buyers responsibility to always be mature and clinically-rational about everything. i know ebay has made a lot of improvements in the past (they used to be very much in favour of sellers, their paying customers, in terms of protections, and not so much for buyers). i personally think ebay should know better how to manage their client base.
  5. wow that's a big move for eBay. i don't understand it right now either since i'm selling from the US
  6. CONFIRMED! MJ is on Ebay's list of highly conterfitted items and are banned from being sold or shipped to ASIA expect Japan. There was a mention of allowing Ebay US to trade them with "English speaking countries" which SINGAPORE (where I am living now) is but unfortunately Singapore is also in Asia, so I am not too clear on that qualification.

    Not only that, I have recently purchased an MJ bag on Ebay, and seller obviously listed it on the US BEFORE the policy took effect, but by the time the sale was closed, the policy had taken effect. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED: as I paid via BIDPAY, they rejected my payment order to seller, but reservation of funds in the amount requested was made on my credit card in Singapore.

    The amount of USD 1165 is now reserved for BIDPAY and I can't access it, at the same time, seller has a notification from BIDPAY that my payment order to her had been rejected with no other explanation. On this side, I received the same notification WITH NO EXPLANATION other that the rejection only applied to THIS PARTICULAR TRANSACTION.

    Now, I of course looked really bad, as EBAY did not at any point explained to seller the circumstances here. And it was left up to me to do some research and made the most logical explanation to seller. The rest was of course dependent on seller's good faith, which she fortunately have, for my honesty.

    But can you imagine had she chose to believe that I was one of those deadbeats who refused to / cannot pay? Negative feedback would definitely resulted. Not only would I have to deal with not knowing what happened to my $1165, my reputation as an Ebay buyer would surely be effected.

    What I can't get over is that Ebay offered no explanation to seller, and BIDPAY offered no explanation to both myself and seller. As a buyer located in ASIA, I was left standing there looking like I can't pay.

    I can't even take my money out of my card to pay seller cash because the amount is still reserved for BIDPAY and will take at least a week to release.

    I posted this on the MJ and not the Ebay section because this relates to MJ bags specifically, and will definitely effect those outside of the US in obtaining MJ bags from Ebay from now on, and those selling MJs on Ebay.

    Just want to share this just in case you are a buyer or seller of MJ bags on Ebay in or outside of the US.