MJ noob! help please =)

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  1. Hello Ladies,
    I've always wanted a MJ bag and really loved the Mina. However, I never had the chance to pruchase it. Finally, I found one on ebay and unfortunately lost it for $585.:crybaby:
    I found another seller listing the same bag but her buy now price is $699 and the bid starts at $649 plus $15 shipping rate. I really like this bag but sick of greedy ebay sellers. What do y'all think? :confused1:

    another question: Are there different sizes for the kiss-lock clasp? If yes, what size is the mina's?
  2. I'm sorry you were outbid...that's never fun! And as far as greedy eBay sellers...well...the second bag is just a bit over $100 higher. I don't think it's that bad compared to the first bag. I've seen bags near retail, great deals, etc, so you just never know what you're going to see on there!!!
  3. The Mina clasp is the same as the Stam.

    There have been quite a few Mina bags on E-bay recently. If you wait and keep an eye out on E-bay, you may be able to find another for a good deal. I think that most are in the 600-800 range, though. Did you check recently ended auctions to check what the average selling price is?
  4. I say do some research & try and be paitent! Of coures make sure you have the girls in the authenticate thread take a look. Good luck, you'll find one!
  5. I don't think the Minas ever got marked down lower than $550, so I don't think $699 is too outrageous. Once you add taxes and all the ebay fees, she's probably only making around $50 (if that much!). You might try contacting the seller & asking her if she'd be willing to sell it for $699, including shipping -- that seems like a pretty reasonable price.