MJ Newbie With Two Questions

  1. If anyone has even glanced at my recent posts in this sub-forum, you've no doubt seen my new :heart: love:heart: with MJ bags. In less than a week I've gotten a taupe Blake and a cashew Stam hobo. I hooked!!! I keep seeing other MJ styles I'm drooling over, but before I go any deeper into the "dark side" I wanted to get some feedback from you long time MJ fanatics.

    First question: What has been your experience on the workmanship issues with his bags? Any problems with things breaking, threads spliting, zippers jamming, hardware tarnishing or peeling, etc. I know some of you had some issues with opening the kisslock closure I've had lot of kisslocks back in the day, so that's not a problem. In the world of designer bags his are relatively (and I do mean relatively) reasonable, especially watching Prada prices go through the roof this fall. Even so, $800-1500 isn't pocket change so I want to get an idea of the longevity factor in terms of quality.

    Second question: I know gives his bags women's names (celebs maybe?), but where the HECK did "STAM" come from???:confused1:
  2. Stam=Jessica Stam, the model.

    I have had no hardware issues with my bags. Really, the quality of the MJ bags is part of why I love them. Tough bags. On one of my multipockets, the corners are starting to show some wear, but I bought the bag off of ebay, and it came that way. On the mulitpocket that I bought new, no problems at all. I have heard of people having troubles with zippers, but have not experienced that myself.
  3. My first MJ bag was the Stella, purchased in the fall of 2003. Since then, I've owned the a gym tote (brass turnlocks), Zoe (bag that was seen in "Lost in Translation"), Venetia, Hobo (pushlock closure on the strap), wallet (with pushlock), and the Stam. I've never had any issues with my MJ bags until I got the Stam. All my other bags have held up really, really well and they are great bags. Personally, I think they've held up much better than some of the Prada bags (nylon) that I've owned in the past and I BABY my bags.
  4. I must have missed that post, SuLi. What was with your Stam?

    tln, thanks for the Stam trivia, though I have NO idea who Jessica Stam is. :confused1:
  5. She's a model. There's a picture of her in the Celebs with MJ thread.
  6. I've had no issues with any of my Marc Jacobs bags. They hold up really well!
  7. Same here, all my hardware, zippers and especially the leather have held up very well. I love my bags so I take good care of them. The leather on most of them have gotten softer as time has past. I love MJ bags!!
  8. Just keep them out of the rain..LOL..they dont hold up well with water spots...
  9. ^^Agghh, Jill, you are right about that! I got my purple quinn wet one day and there is a dark water spot on the strap. I hate that it is there. Totally forgot about it. Glad it is dark eggplant!
  10. avoid the mia bags. I had the large satchel. a really beautiful bag, great leather (I had nutmeg), perfect size..sigh... I carried it for a week and just returned it because the store agreed it was defective. the leather edges on the handle started unravelling within two days of use and after a week there were all these inch long white wispy threads coming out of the leather where it attached to the metal rings...think it was the fusing between the folded leather. seems to be the exception because I know others with the older styles that have had no problems whatsoever.
  11. Maybe this is true for the calfskin bags, but my drummed goatskin Adina wears like iron and water just beads up and runs off of it. I swear it's the most utilitarian bag I own! Now that you've said this about the calfskin, though, I'm scared to buy that Multipocket Neimans is supposed to be finding for me!
  12. Well, my first Stam was a Camel Stam that I purchased in June. I used it for a few times (three or four at most) and noticed that the handles completely discolored to the point where it looked white (from a peanut-buttery tan color). I BABY all of my bags, so I can definitely say that it was not wear and tear on my part. The SA even agreed that the bag seemed defective and let me exchange for it.

    That was the first MJ bag that I ever encountered problems with.
  13. I've had MJ since late 2003 and all of the bags have held up really well even in rain. No rusty hardware or broken zippers or any of that drama. The only problem that I have is that the zippers on the suede lined MP get stuck so you have to use elbow grease and my denim tote now has a bit of color transfer from the dark denim I wear.

    MJ bags for the most part are built for the long haul.
  14. Wow, Blake and Stam in one week, I'm jealous!! :lol:
  15. And I'm broke! :wtf:

    On the subject of taking leather bags into rain, that's true of any leather bag, not just MJ brands. Any leather care card that comes with bags or clothing items will specify that you should not get it wet and if you do, wipe it down immediately. With any new leather handbag I get, I will do a quick waterproof test by sprinkling some water on an inconspicuous spot to see if it beads up or soaks in. That's how I gauge how much risk I can take re: the rain.

    An aside: there is one other bag whore in my office who is as anal as I am about protecting her shoes and bags. We BOTH keep extra plastic grocery bags in our desks so if it's raining when we leave, we stuff our good bags into the grocery bag and haul arse out to our cars. It's pretty silly looking to the "untrained" eye! I've even been known to take off my good designer shoes, hold them in my hands and run BAREFOOT to my car with my handbag stuffed in a grocery bag!:roflmfao: