mj newbie question

  1. ive only recently gotten into mj and i was wondering how some they dont sell the "classic" styles like stella, sophia, multipockets, etc (if classics is what theyre actually called i read that off something) in stores/online besides eBay/overstock stores? i cant seem to find them online at like nm, Saks, mj.com... i thought they were around for all the seasons? am i mistaken?

    im beginning to think that im gonna start a costly mj addiction...
  2. sadly, the stella and sophia have been discontinued, so the only place you'll be able to find them is on eBay. beware of sites selling them new with tags. they're usually fake and it'll be a big hassle for you to get your money back.

    the venetia, blake, small mp, and large mp are still being made every season. so if you were interested in starting a mj collection, those would be great choices to start with.
  3. The Stella and Sophia have been discontinued. Multipockets, Blakes and Venetias are available for the current season but most stores don't put their entire stock online. If you are interested in buying one I suggest you check out your local Nordies, NM, Saks, or Bloomies.
  4. ohhh sad. i just bought a sophia... oh well. its still cute! why/when did they discontinue them? i just bought a nwt mj sophia from jills consignment. it should be okay but ill post it up for authentication when i get it. thanks!