MJ newbie-Question about a Sophia

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  1. Hey everyone! I am fairly new to Marc Jacobs but I do own a multipocket hobo that I adore! I decided I really wanted a sophia so I purchased one last week on ebay. The seller had 100% feedback and it stated in the auction that it was 100% authentic and bought at saks. I got the bag today and it seems a little off. The color is a vanilla color with brown suede interior. I checked under the zipper heads and they have nothing engraved on them. I am concerned that it isn't real. My question is, are there MJ bags out there that don't have the riri zipper heads or anything for that matter engraved in them? I totally should've had this authenticated here first! Any help is sooooooo much appreciated!! Thanks everyone!!
  2. I had 2 Sophias a few years back, but I am pretty positive that all of the Sophias have Riri zipperheads. I am no MJ expert to say the least, but I have had quite a few pass through my hands. I am nearly positive my Sophias had riri zippers. I am sorry to tell you that....
    Maybe someone who definitely knows for sure can put in their $0.02 here.
    Regardless, eBay has the new buyer protection policy and you can always file a SNAD with Paypal if it is not authentic.....
  3. Post some pics in the Authenticate This thread, those girls can help authenticate it for you.
  4. take lilah's advice. pictures always help.
  5. Yes, we definitely need to see pictures. I can tell you right now, though, that I'm pretty sure all Sophias have imprinted Riri zippers.
  6. Thanks everyone! I am going to post pics of the auction in the authenticate this thread. Thanks again!!