MJ Newbie Needs Help from the Experts! Please!

  1. Hey everyone,

    I've definitely admired MJ bags for the longest time, but have never owned one. Ever since I saw a girl at the local Starbucks with what looked to be a white quilted venetia I've been dying to find one.

    I know the girl carried it as a shoulder bag.. and I'm wondering for the majority of us - can the Quilted Venetia be carried as a shoulder bag? Or is it more of a handheld and only if your arms are super skinny it can be a shoulder bag?

    Also - for MJ white leather... how durable is it? Is it easily dirtied? The last white bag I got (a MiuMiu) started to yellow after a season and I swore off all white bags.. but white is just SO nice... so I'm on a hunt for one that doesn't turn yellow and is more "hardy".

    Can anyone help or give me some opinions?

    Also - if I'm looking for a white coloured quilted Venetia.. what kind of leather am I looking for? What is the regular kind? and when someone refers to "icy leather" what does that mean?

    Sorry if I asked some really stupid questions - but I'm just so new that I don't know any of the MJ lingo! Took me awhile to figure out what bag that girl was carrying!

    Thanks everyone!! Any help would be awesome! :heart:
  2. the venetia is more of a hand held bag. it can be carried on the shoulder by those with skinnier arms and/or if you're not wearing too many layers of clothing. it's a heavy bag. i have a non-quilted one with suede lining, and i would say it is one of my heavier bags. i'm still willing to suffer for it though. :smile:

    i've been using a mbmj white bag for a few months now, and the leather has remained white. even if it gets a little dirty by the end of the summer, which is expected, you can always take it to a professional leather cleaner.

    i'm not too familiar with the quilted venetia styles. i know the fall collection that is coming out soon has a few quilted venetias and a white or ivory might be one of the colors. the icy leather has a more pebbled texture and a bit of a sheen compared to the regular calfskin. as far as i know, only the stams have been available in icy leather, but i might be wrong.

    i hope that helps!

  3. Thanks so much tadpolenyc! Your post was definitely very informative and helpful! I had no idea what kinds of leather was available in what! And it sounds like I only have to worry about getting the white dirty and not so much about yellowing of the leather itself.. cuz that can't be fixed without re-dyeing...

    Thanks again! You've been so helpful!
  4. I haven't seen too many MJs getting yellowed over time, it happens more commonly with the bbags I've noticed.
  5. I have a white chiffon quilted bag and I've had no problem with it getting dirty. I mean, I'm pretty careful with it and everything, but it's held up just fine. It really hasn't yellowed too much either. Venetia is totally gorgeous!! I say go for it!!