MJ Newbie needs advice re: STAM bag. Should I get one?

  1. Hi all,

    I love the look of the classic quilted stam bag. What colors do they come in, any limited edition colors/hard to find? I also want a color other than black and brown. What would you recommend? Thanks!

    Pros and cons of stam bags?
  2. Anyone??? I also found out that there are python and ostrich trim. Any PFer have pics? Thanks.
  3. I'm feeling no love here :confused1: ...I'm usually in the Chanel/LV and other forums, this is my first time here in MJ just needing advice. Oh well...I'll just talk to a SA. Thanks anyways. :shrugs:

  4. Thanks so much for responding Jackie! I truly appreciate it. The Ostrich stam is gorgeous. Anyone see an IVORY stam with tan ostrich? That would be TDF! :yes:
  5. hi there :smile:. i'm sorry you didn't get a quick response. chanel and lv are two of the busiest subforums, so the threads get much more prompt replies. i'm a mj forum regular, and there's been weeks where there are no new topics. members usually just reply to the existing topics or resurrect the older ones.

    anyway, onto your question: the stam is a very handsome bag. it's obviously one of the most popular mj styles. all of the colors save for black or white/cream can pretty much be considered limited edition. similar colors might be released down the line, but it won't be an exact match. this season, the stam is available in black, ivory, grey, berry, teal, and cognac. if you're looking for a more eye-catching color, i would recommend either the berry or the teal. i saw both irl and they're gorgeous especially the teal. i almost caved in and bought myself a teal little stam! actually, i still might succumb to that...

    • the bag is very stylish. it will certainly add flair to your outfits whether you're dressing up or down. i love the polished gold kisslock and dangling chain.
    • many people have decried it was a fad, but it's been two years now and the stam is still going strong.
    • i consider it to be a good size: not too big or too small. big enough to fit my wallet, cosmetics pouch, sunglass case, other small necessities, water bottle, and a magazine.
    • did i mention that the teal and berry is gorgeous! because it really is.
    • it can be heavy particularly if you plan on carrying a lot. however, the issue has been somewhat ameliorated by getting rid of the suede lining (the interior is now lined with canvas) and the chain has been hollowed out.
    • again, some people are worried the style might not stand the test of time like a chanel flap bag or a lv speedy, but it's inspired by such a classic shape, i don't see how you wouldn't be able to get years of use out of it. i'm not ready to classify it in the ranks of the dior saddlebag just yet (no offense if you're a dior saddlebag fan).
    • this is a hand held or crook of your arm bag. unless you're very petite and live in a climate that doesn't require winter coats (lucky you), it's not very comfortable to shoulder carry. you can use the chain, but it hurts. the chain is merely decoration for me and not useful one way or another unless i need to fend off an attacker.
    finally, there has been ostrich trimmed stams made in the past, but i don't believe they are current. i've attached a picture for reference. if you prefer this style, i would recommend contacting the sa's at the mj boutiques. they're really helpful and will search their stores' stock and warehouse inventory for you. hth!
    ostrich stam.jpg
  6. Hey shouldereyecandy - I've been an MJ fan since the beginning and for some reason never liked the stam. That was until 2 months ago. Something changed my mind and now I have two. :shrugs:

    I have one in bronze, which is a TDF color IRL but the metallics wear so beware if you go in that direction. I personally love the new truffle color. Also the ostrich trimmed versions are beautiful too.

    I prefer the original quilting over the new patchwork and elastic versions but thats JMO.

    Good luck and if you do get a stam please come back and post pictures!!
    I dont think this will be a bag that will go out of style anytime soon.



  7. tadpolenyc...OMG such valuable info. THANKS SO MUCH!!! I would love a teal one but i haven't seen it IRL. I also see it as a classic mj bag that will be instyle for a while. Hahahah...you are too funny with the chain strap as a weapon. I'll keep that in mind. :tup:

  8. ali...I appreciate the pics. The bronze is TDF!!! I am attracted to the classic quilted stam. I hope I find the perfect one for me. I'll post pics as soon as I decide. Thanks :flowers:
  9. I love my stam, it's the perfect bag to dress up an outfit kind of. You can wear jeans and a top and look "put together" (if that makes sense).

    I have the ivory stam, and while I love the color, I'm EXTREMELY careful because it could get dirty pretty easily. Another negative is the weight, I can't carry it around for longer than a couple of hours. You can make it lighter if you take off the chain, but I personally prefer the look of it better with the chain on.
  10. ^ i love the reddish stitching on the truffle! :biggrin:
  11. are these the standard stams or the kid? they look small in pics. just curious.
  12. ShoulderEyeCandy - I really don't have anything to add since you got some great info/pics in the previous replies. I just wanted to wish you luck in your decision on whether to get a Stam or not. Keep us posted on what happens! :yes:
  13. hey missnox. these are both standard size stams. mj bags always seems to look smaller in pictures. unlike me!! JK.

    they are pretty big bags 15"W X 11"H X 5½"D
  14. The ostrich trimmed stams are not current? Aren't they the ones on sale right now? Though I suppose you wouldn't really call that current :p